Start-up Owner’s Manual – Book and online course reviewed

For the past few months, almost a year now, I have had the opportunity to experiment and work with the latest approaches in business & product development! I started working with the Lean Startup methodology by Eric Ries and the Lean Canvas of Ash Maurya and worked my way back to the origins of the entire approach, going through Alex Osterwalder’s famous Business Model Canvas, all the way to the course that Steve Blank taught to his students, on how to build a startup… Taking this course online, here, but also reading his book, opened up my mind to a world of opportunities and ideas!… Click to read the full post

Lean AKademy – Episode V

The fifth episode of our Lean AKademy, was completed on Tuesday (29/4) afternoon! This was the first meeting where we really focused on some concrete outcomes of interviews that the teams have carried out so for. This time, we skipped the theoretical part that was about metrics and channels, and postponed it for the next time, to get some additional minutes to talk about our canvases and interview results.

Effie's & Nikos's results

In the photo above, we see Effie presenting the results from the initial set of interview, she and Nikos Manolis carried out over the past few weeks. Discussing on these outcomes helped a lot both Effie and Nikos to better define their work but also the rest of the teams in knowing what to expect more or less from each interview.… Click to read the full post

Startups: What are they? Really…

On the 24th of April, I had the priviledge of seeing an article of mine, published in the weekly edition of the Finance & Markets Voice newspaper! It was a short position article of 300 words, in which I shortly discussed the concept of a startup, as this is perceived in Greece, also discussing data that come from all around Europe. Since the article was in Greek, I decided to attempt to translate it and share with the rest of the AK team but also our followers, here! Enjoy…!

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We read in an article from Endeavour Greece that within 2013, amidst the crisis in Greece, 144 startups were founded, gathering a staggering funding of 42 million euros.Click to read the full post

Lean AKademy – Episode IV

Today, the Lean AKademy teams met for the fourth time since March 26th when the first iteration of the Lean AKademy started! In this workshop, our theoretical part covered a discussion on cost structure and revenue streams. In this workshop we talked about money for all the ideas that we are working on! We analyzed the potential categories of costs involved by delving down into development costs, personnel costs, etc. separating them into fixed and variable costs. Once the teams identified some of these costs in their cases, we discussed about revenue streams.

More specifically, we discussed on the overall strategy that our teams may choose in order to reach their different customer segments.… Click to read the full post

Lean AKademy – Episode III

The third meeting for the first iteration of the Lean AKademy is now history! 😉 We have met today for the third time, to work on our ideas in the “lean way”! With the exception of Nikos Manolis that was working with our Chinese and Italian guests, we took our notes and spend a fruitful three hour session working on our ideas!

Once more, we started with the theoretical part of the session, discussing about our interview scripts and forms that the participants prepared in between our last meeting. We discussed a bit about personas/archetypes of customers and how we can use these descriptions to locate more suitable interviewees through our existing contacts.… Click to read the full post

Lean AKademy – Episode II

Yesterday, the second part of the Lean AKademy took place in AK, with the same excitement (if not more), as the first one! Continuing on the idea of letting you all in on the secrets of lean, we will try to recap what was carried out in a few sentences for all of you to follow! If you would like to follow this process from the beginning, please take a look at the previous post as well, detailing our first meeting, here.

For this second meeting, our teams had already spent some time reflecting on their lean canvases and refining their initial assumptions in the nine different boxes of the canvas.… Click to read the full post

Lean AKademy – Episode I


Last Wednesday (26/3/14) we started our Lean adventure in AK, kicking off, our very own, Lean AKademy! After quite some time of planning, reading, preparing and arguing about it, the time came for me personally to welcome six colleagues into the first iteration of the Lean AKademy three-phase cycle!

I was thinking the other day that it would be nice for all of us in AK but also anyone who’s interested, if we could follow the work of the Lean AKademy as it evolves through time! To this end, I inaugurate a series of blog posts that will come shortly after each workshop, containing a basic outline of what we did, along with my personal highlights of the day.… Click to read the full post

Workshop on Youth Entrepreneurship


Last Friday (7/3) I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Workshop on Youth Entrepreneurship, organized by Cognitive Space. The event was a success, as many young entrepreneurs showed up, eager to work with ideas for start-ups but also to share experiences and learn about the tricks of being in the “trade” of a start-up. The event revolved around a nicely structured presentation that was split in parts. In the end of each part, enough time was given to the groups to carry out a task based on the input from the presentation. Alexis and Dimitris (our two facilitators!) emphasized on the concept of being an “entrepreneur by choice” and not by need!Click to read the full post

Social Impact: Is Anyone Paying Attention?

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Social media has been for quite some time now (for sure since the Facebook phenomenon), in the epicenter of the discussion for all kinds of businesses! Both online and offline, businesses are looking for ways to attract new customers through harvesting the power of social media such as blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. Specific strategies with really specific milestones and metrics are set trying to catch the social/viral train! Job positions have already emerged where dealing with social media campaigns is not just a side-task but covers most of the working day! Social media gurus are here already, sharing their wisdom about social media, thus creating along with a long list of other professionals, a market for these services.… Click to read the full post