Goodbye to my Agro-Know family

Almost one month ago I took a very difficult decision of moving out of Agro-Know and pursue my professional career elsewhere. After two years being part of the team, I now believe that I have fulfilled my circle in the company and is time to move on. But throughout the month, I was thinking on how much I would miss the company.

It all started two years ago when on April first 2013 (yes, on the April Fool’s day) I joined the company for the first time. As time was passing, I was more and more connected with the people here, actually living one of our values, being part of a “family”.… Click to read the full post

New proposals & new projects – an update from the Agro-Know PM team

Spreading the good news!

What a busy period that was. Over the past days we submitted new project proposals, we started working on new projects and we got great news from evaluation results from our past proposals! But let’s take it one by one.

Over the past period we were quite busy working on some new H2020 proposals. Actually, the PM (Project Management) team, under Nikos Manouselis lead, moved to the secondary offices, our Proposal War Room, where we worked all together preparing two very different proposals.

Firstly, we were invited to join a MARIE Skłodowska-Curie Action, in an Innovative Training Network for the call of 2015 under the coordination of Aston University and our close friend Christopher Brewster (@cbrewster).… Click to read the full post

Christmas at Agro-Know


As you probably already know, the Agro-Know Christmas party took place on the 19th of December, but at Agro-Know we never skip a chance to celebrate and have fun with our colleagues and friends.

As we also did last year, on the Christmas Eve we had a special – unofficial – party for all of us who where left behind, working, “holding down the fort”. Only a few of us where here and at lunch time we all gathered in the kitchen to celebrate and eat the most common greek fast food, souvlaki. Of course, there is no party without alcohol so wine (produced by Thodoris family) was also available.… Click to read the full post

SemaGrow 5th Project Meeting


NCSRThe 5th plenary meeting of the SemaGrow project took place on the 14th and the 15th of October 2014 at the premises of NCSR Demokritos, in Athens, Greece. It was hosted by the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT), one of the consortium members of the project. The meeting provided the opportunity to the project partners to meet and present the progress of the project per Work Package and organize the preparations for the upcoming review meeting of the project.

Agro-Know was represented in the meeting by Nikos Marianos, Nikos Manolis, Andreas Drakos & Panagis Katsivelis, since the meeting took place in Athens, very close to the AK offices.… Click to read the full post

Short report from the RDA Fourth Plenary Meeting


The Fourth Plenary Meeting of RDA took place between 22 – 24 of September 2014 at Amsterdam, The Netherlands, while on the 21st and between 24-26 September a number of related, co-located events also took place. I had the opportunity not only to attend the plenary meeting and satellite events but also to participate in the agINFRA WP leaders meeting, which took place on the 25th of September. You can find the program of the plenary meeting here.

As expected, my participation was focused on the two groups of agricultural interest: the Agricultural Data Interoperability Interest Group & the Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group.… Click to read the full post

SMEs using research e-infrastructures

Following up on the article published few days ago on “Data infrastructures in the service of the agricultural community” I wanted to come back to this issue looking this time from a different perspective, the one of an SME using a research e-infrastructure.

I was trigged for this article through Agro-Know’s participation in the “European Research e-Infrastructures and Innovation Clusters” workshop that actually takes place today (3rd of October, 2014) in Brussels.The workshop aims to “explore the collaboration opportunities between European Innovation clusters and European research e-infrastructure providers to facilitate access to and use of research e-infrastructures by SMEs“.… Click to read the full post

Data infrastructures in the service of the agricultural community


On the 2nd of September 2014, it was the first major deadline of the European Research Infrastructures of the H2020. Following up on the previous and current work of Agro-Know in data infrastructures, we participated in a number of different project proposals, trying to exploit the different activities to continue on building infrastructure services for the agricultural community, partnering with major research organisations like the EGI, APARSEN and ATHENA R.C. Some of these proposals are EGI-ENGAGE, DPInfra and OpenMinTed – we hope that we’ll soon be able to present them in more details.




But why communities as the agricultural, the food safety or the biodiversity are interested in such projects and what do they have to earn?Click to read the full post

Hosting the Global Water Pathogen Project meeting


One of our core values in AK, is Mother Earth Inspiration. There is no other project that reflects so much on this value than the new Global Water Pathogen Project, partially funded by UNESCO, that looks on aspects of wastewater management (pathogens, virus, etc.).

The project aims at authoring a second version of the “Sanitation and disease : health aspects of excreta and wastewater management” Feachem et. al. 1983 book, a reference book for all researchers working on wastewater management, with the new version of the book involving more than 100 authors from different disciplines around the world.

Agro-Know, as an expert in managing biodiversity data and transforming data into meaningful knowledge, collaborates with the GWPP for the creation of an online hub that will capture and visualise all related information, creating not only an online version for the Feachem 2.0 book but a point of reference for all stakeholders.… Click to read the full post

Know Agro-Know: Agro-Know behind the scenes


Just to differ from Vassilis’s posts and his “Know Agro-Know” series,
here are some basic tips for those being in Agro-Know!

1. There is always one extra capsule for the espresso machine, as long as you know where to search (kudos to Theodore);
note: no I am not referring to the decaffeinated shown in the picture
2. We like to keep everything and we want them organized
3. Something more than just values and value of the month (I can do it)
4. News from the community, for your free (?) time
5. There is always some chewing gum or caramels in some office, but you have to know the right office 😉
6.Click to read the full post

EGI-APARSEN workshop



My latest trip was related to my participation in an EGI-APARSEN Community Workshop focusing “Managing, computing and preserving big data for research”. The workshop was held in the premises of the Science Park of the University of Amsterdam, from the 4th to the 6th of March, 2014. The meeting was a chance to meet and learn about the work of APARSEN in methods and sustainability of managing and archiving data.A number of presentation presented user scenarios from different disciplines such as the European Space Agency regarding earth observation data, seismology and others. During the event the agINFRA project was also presented as aninitiative that provides tools to implement a data managing plan.… Click to read the full post