What happened in Open Harvest 2017?


Paul Stacey writes about 3 days in Crete and what Open Harvest is all about 

Open Harvest Sustainability = Open Resources + Social Good + Human Connection

How can we build a global scientific data commons for agriculture and food? That was the big question on my mind when, at the invitation of Agroknow, I set off to Chania Greece for an event called Open Harvest. This event brought together organizations from around the world who are all engaged in research, knowledge, and capacity development related to agriculture, food, nutrition and the environment. Organizations like GODAN, CGIAR, INRA, CABI, CAAS, ISI / DRTC, EMBRAPA and many more.Click to read the full post

Θέλεις να δουλέψεις για το Foodakai;


Θέλεις να γίνεις μέλος του startup που φτιάχνει το επόμενο επιτυχημένο application στον αγροδιατροφικό τομέα;

Ο COO της Agroknow Γιάννης Στοΐτσης, ο βασικός άνθρωπος πίσω από τις τεχνολογικές λύσεις της Agroknow και τo πρώτο αγροτικό start up mermix.gr, συντονίζει την ομάδα που δουλέυει αποκλειστικά στην ανάπτυξη μία νέας εφαρμογής για την ασφάλεια τροφίμων. Η Agroknow είναι μια εταιρεία που τα τελευταία 8 χρόνια δουλεύει με διεθνείς οργανισμούς πάνω στα open data για τον αγροτικό τομέα και την ασφάλεια τροφίμων. Μπορείς να δεις όλα αυτά που κάνουμε, εδώ 

Αν ήδη δουλεύετε τουλάχιστον 2 χρόνια και νιώθετε ότι είναι η ώρα για να κάνετε το επόμενο σημαντικό επαγγελματικό σας βήμα, αν θέλετε να δουλέψετε σε μια startup και να χρησιμοποιήσετε τεχνολογίες big data, machine learning, natural language processing και front-end, τότε στείλτε μας το βιογραφικό στο jobs@foodakai.com με θέμα “Foodakai“.… Click to read the full post

A Common Data Ecosystem for Agriculture and Food? #GODANsummit2016


We believe that for a data revolution to happen, agriculture and food need a fabric of interoperable and interplaying infrastructure layers. Having such an infrastructure in place, will make data sharing and exchange as natural to us, as it is to use the road or rail infrastructure to move from one country to another. This may become possible by the creation of a common data ecosystem, where diverse stakeholders (from smallholders to multinational conglomerates) will both build and use the infrastructures that will propel the industry forward.

Some months ago, Syngenta (with GODAN’s assistance) commissioned Dean Allemang to write a discussion paper that would try to catalyse consensus around what form a global data ecosystem might take, how it could bring value to key players, what cultural changes might be needed to make it a reality, and finally what technology might be needed to support it.… Click to read the full post

Building the new web site of GODAN

As part of our #wesupport activities, Agroknow team worked on a very exciting project during the last three months: the development of the new web site http://www.godan.info/ for Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN). The new web site goes beyond a mere communication site. It constitutes an information gateway for this very important initiative and at the same time it is a tool that facilitates the collection and management of the information about GODAN partners.
The new web site targets organisations and individuals that are interested in news, resources, datasets and events that are relevant to Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition. … Click to read the full post

Right before the August break…


So here I am, Saturday noon all alone in the office, working on bits and pieces of things that I would like to put together before I leave for the August family holiday break… Still thinking about what Margarita asked me yesterday: “How can this handful of people do such an impressive amount of work during August?”

#LifeAtAK: Really, where is everybody? 😆

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So what keeps me busy these last working hours, before I depart for a few more days in the sunny Greek islands?

  • Taking a look at the new version of AKstem.com that Panagis is working on, so that I provide him with a description of the core services that we will offer (Open, Share, Use, Map), in order to be ready for the September launch.
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Hadoop as the Backbone of Big Data Technologies


Apache Hadoop is an emerging technology that was designed to address the specific requirements of Big Data. It can deal with petabytes of structured and unstructured data. The technology was developed by Yahoo! in 2005 and it got its name from a toy elephant. However, Hadoop does not work alone. Rather, it is part of an increasing number of associated technologies such as HBase, Hive, Pig, Oozie, and Zookeeper.


Apache Hadoop Ecosystem (source: quantfarm.com)


  • Is Fault-tolerance open-source software framework that can deal with software and hardware failures.
  • Scales well to any increase in processors, memory or storage devices.
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My week at the ODI Train the Trainer course




So this is a visualization of my week at the Train The Trainer course of the Open Data Institute (ODI). Let me explain this visualization to you by describing all the days of this very interesting week.

On Monday we arrived at the offices of the ODI, with an excellent mood (smiley face on the diagram)  and very eager to start the course. By the way ODI premises is a really cool place with a lot of special things like dashboards with live data on the walls and the vending machine that releases packs of chips every time that a news item related to recession is recognised in the BBC news feed.… Click to read the full post

Lessons learned from my internship in Agro-Know


The Environment and the People

From July 2014 till October 2014, I had the opportunity to work in Agro-Know as part of an internship program, working on the Global Water Pathogen project. The project involves developing an open access online platform for all related information on pathogens in water.

Although this is the second time that I have worked in a company, it is the first time that I have worked in such a positive business environment. While bosses can be very strict and distanced and you have to importune them for a meeting since their time is very limited, I found here a totally different case.… Click to read the full post