Agro-Know Admin Department at a Glance

The Admin (Admin) is one of the four Agro-Know Departments. Since 2009 Admin team in Agro-Know is evolving and growing inside and together with Agro-Know itself. Our fours teams are supporting Agro-Know in all its businesses:

1) Office management. For the last 1.5 years we are having two offices with 25 people working in them full-time or part-time. Office management team is supporting all the logistics, secretary works, provisions of consumables etc. In two words – keeping the everyday work environment and work process smooth and flawless. Athina Makri undertakes all these tasks and many more.

2) Project Management Office. Probably the oldest admin team with its rules, workflows, etc. … Click to read the full post

Goodbye to my Agro-Know family

Almost one month ago I took a very difficult decision of moving out of Agro-Know and pursue my professional career elsewhere. After two years being part of the team, I now believe that I have fulfilled my circle in the company and is time to move on. But throughout the month, I was thinking on how much I would miss the company.

It all started two years ago when on April first 2013 (yes, on the April Fool’s day) I joined the company for the first time. As time was passing, I was more and more connected with the people here, actually living one of our values, being part of a “family”.… Click to read the full post

The Agro-Know Project Management Department at a Glance


Since 2008, Agro-Know has been directly involved in about eighteen (18) EU-funded projects related to the management of agricultural information, in the context of which it has worked on solving data interoperability problems and developing data products. In this context, it has collaborated with European leaders in agricultural research such as the Wageningen UR (Netherlands), the French Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA), the International Center for Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS, Denmark), and the Council for Agricultural Research (Italy). Agro-Know has also received consultancy and implementation contracts from organisations such as the University of Alcala (Spain), Michigan State University (USA), the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA, Jordan).… Click to read the full post

Insights on the Agro-Know blog

Agro-Know Blog - Comparison 1st & 2nd half of 2014 featured image

It has only been two months since I started my internship here at Agro-Know and I have already realized how important, as a communicational tool, the company’s blog is. One of the jobs that I am in charge of is to evaluate the progress that Agro-Know’s blog is making in terms of the outreach and dynamic that it has within the community. After some consideration, we decided to externalize a part of this process and let our audience to get a sneak peek at some of the results of our evaluation. Hence, the following infographic illustrates a comparison between specific metrics of the first and second half of 2014, offering this way a good overview of our blog’s progress.… Click to read the full post

AGRIS Strategy Meeting Day One: 09/03/2015

Photo from the AGRIS Strategy Meeting

Today I had the pleasure to finally meet Dr. Sun Wei and Dr. Xiang Guojian, both researchers from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), two very kind personalities and warm people. I also had the chance to get to know better Fabrizio Celli from UN FAO. The purpose of our gathering was to define the scope of our daily meetings  for the rest of the week, to collaborate and join our forces for a common goal which is to evolve the AGRIS Network and create effective services according to our users needs and offer more structured, simplified and professional procedures for AGRIS users and content providers.… Click to read the full post

Hire The Boss (to do your dirty blog analytics job)

That's the story, morning glory.

It was almost a year ago when I challenged Agro-Know’ers to do something that was considered unthinkable and unspeakable: to Hire The Boss to do their dirty jobs. Despite my mythical blog post on this, people still look at me in a strange way and laugh when I knock on their doors to get hired. Although about 10 people have already hired me for about half a day to do something for them that completely tires or bores them, it still seems that there are team members that are not really convinced that I can deliver some serious work if they hire me. … Click to read the full post

Reflections on my internship in Agro-Know


The moment I wrote this post, I have already been a member of Agro-Know family for 7 months, the first three of them, part of the Agro-Know internship program. This post was supposed to be written long time ago (it had to be about the reflections on my internship!) but the heavy workload and many tasks that were running didn’t let me to. To be honest, an unofficial reason for which I postponed to write this post, is that I couldn’t decide from where to start and which are the main reasons that I love to work for Agro-Know – there are a lot.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know celebrates the new year – 2015 edition

...and this is how a lucky coin looks like :-)

One of the Greek New Year’s traditions is for families to gather and celebrate the new year by sharing pieces/slices of a sweet cake, called the New Year’s pie (I am sure that this tradition exists in several other countries as well, with some variations maybe). What makes this cake special is the fact that it contains a lucky coin and guess what? The one who finds it in his/her piece, is supposed to have luck throughout the year (at least more luck than the rest)!

As the new year is dynamically here, we managed to gather at the Agro-Know offices yesterday with only a couple of (justified) absences and arranged a mini party to celebrate the occasion and see who is going to be the lucky one this year (as well as find some time for informal discussions).… Click to read the full post

Christmas at Agro-Know


As you probably already know, the Agro-Know Christmas party took place on the 19th of December, but at Agro-Know we never skip a chance to celebrate and have fun with our colleagues and friends.

As we also did last year, on the Christmas Eve we had a special – unofficial – party for all of us who where left behind, working, “holding down the fort”. Only a few of us where here and at lunch time we all gathered in the kitchen to celebrate and eat the most common greek fast food, souvlaki. Of course, there is no party without alcohol so wine (produced by Thodoris family) was also available.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know December All-Hands Session & Christmas party – 2014 edition


AK_logo_XmasFollowing the Agro-Know tradition, December is the month where the last Agro-Know All-Hands session for the year takes place but this time the session is followed by the Agro-Know Christmas party!  It was also one month But let’s take things from the beginning:

The last All-Hands session for 2014 started at about 12.00; even though we missed some people from our team (due to them being on annual leaves) we had pretty high participation. It included presentations from the Agro-Know Execs, on topics including the Agro-Know Vision & Mission, the Agro-Know Values, Strategy for 2015, Discussion on the Goals and Metrics for 2015 etc.… Click to read the full post