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Τhe time has come. Not any more do we need to split our name in two, so that people may understand that we do agriculture+knowledge. All around the world, more and more find out about the small but mighty Greek superhero team that is doing magic with agricultural information. And they should know us by name: Agroknow. A single word that glues together agriculture with knowledge. A simple change in our name that conveys a powerful message.

We are Agroknow, the company that does the magic to seamlessly connect agriculture with knowledge. The company that is among the leaders of the global movement of open data for agriculture and nutrition.… Click to read the full post

AK Value of the Month (October): Serve people, not solutions

serve people_field

In October’s mini All-Hands session, the lucky number 7 value of the fundamental Agro-Know Values,  a.k.a. Serve People, not solutions, was chosen by Panagis and myself to elaborate on, and we certainly had our hands full with this one! According to this value:

“We listen to our customer needs and work in order to find ways to serve them. We understand their workflows and the problems that we can help with. We deliver more value than our customer expect. We are all involved in customer service delivery and happiness, regardless of the position or level”

While it a quite straightforward value and everyone can understand its meaning loud and clear, we had to think hard as to find the best way to present the value to the rest of the team and to figure out a way for the ambassador of the value to be declared through an open competition of some sort.… Click to read the full post

WE Are The Greeks

Let's have fun

In this company, we always aimed at having a multi-cultural and multi-national team, to embrace and understand and appreciate diversity. During the years, our team has included people from Romania, Latvia, Belgium, UK, USA and other countries. Many of us are also a little bit Polish, Canadian or Russian. Some dream of independent states within their countries – like Transylvania and Crete. But overall, regàrdless of whether we are physically located in Athens, Leuven or other parts of the world, today We Are The Greeks.

We are the Greeks that enjoy doing the dirty job and work hard until the job gets done.… Click to read the full post

AK Value of the Month (May): One happy family (or how to find the next Picasso)

The winner, CEO Nikos Manouselis with '1 Χάπι family" drawing (if lost in translation, happy=Χάπι-->pill in Greek)

In May’s All-Hands session, the 10th and last commandment of Agro-Know values ‘One happy family‘ was chosen by Kelly and George (ladies first) and they managed to make a buzz around it!

The value meaning comes further into that  ‘We want to build a family, not just a team. We manage our teams fairly, effectively and with a sharp focus on our common goals. We serve those we lead by removing obstacles and enabling our people to succeed. We watch out for each other and care for each other

WP_20150529_006 1

Agro-Knowers’ versions of ‘One Happy Family


They made us compete by drawing our personal version of “One Happy Family”.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know Value of the month: Mother Earth Inspiration


As mentioned and explained in previous post (‘Mother Earth Inspiration’ Picture Contest!), November’s value of the month was all about “Mother Earth Inspiration”. Let’s try to express our interpretation of this value here, decomposing the value in its core:

Everything in nature is a balance. And everything alive on this planet should supposedly live according to this balance. There is the circle of life, comprising the food cycle, where nothing goes to waste, and on way or the other, it is being reused. Every output of one thing is an input of something else.

Take plants for example, they generate oxygen which is essential for all forms of life and at the same time, plants constitute the food source of herbivores.… Click to read the full post



Ήρθε η ώρα για μια αλλαγή. Μια μικρή, μεγάλη αλλαγή. Να σταματήσουμε να χωρίζουμε το όνομά μας στα δυο, για να είναι ξεκάθαρο και κατανοητό ότι αυτή η εταιρεία παντρεύει την αγροτική παραγωγή με τη γνώση – agriculture+knowledge. Σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο, μεγάλοι φορείς που ασχολούνται με θέματα αγροτικής παραγωγής, γεωπονίας και τροφίμων μαθαίνουν για την ελληνική εταιρεία που κάνει μαγικά με την πληροφορία. Και θα πρέπει να μας ξέρουν με το όνομά μας: Agroknow. Μια λέξη, ολόκληρη, με συνοχή, που θα δείχνει τον ισχυρό και αδιατάρακτο δεσμό μεταξύ της αγροτικής παραγωγής και της γνώσης.

Είμαστε η Agroknow.… Click to read the full post

‘Mother Earth Inspiration’ Picture Contest!

AK Picture Contest

We, at Agro-Know, take our values seriously and honour them every chance we get; we even create events to honour our values because we love them so! One of the events you have read about in previous posts is the ‘Value of the Month’.

Each month, we choose to focus on one of our core values and playfully contemplate on it, strengthen it, honour it and ultimately – consciously – live by it.

For the month of November, ‘Mother Earth Inspiration’ was selected; according to this value

“Our work is not ‘just a job’. It serves a higher goal and is beyond making profit.

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AK Value of the month (July): Focus on value


We are quickly reaching the middle of July; this means that it is time for presenting and discussing the value of this month, which is “Focus on Value”. The definition provided for this value, according to the initial blog post is the following:

We put every resource that we have in good use by focusing only on what brings value to our company, our clients and our colleagues.

To achieve this, we are always setting clear goals and we are working towards them.

For once more I will be the one providing his personal view/interpretation of the value, hoping that I will not influence my colleagues in doing so…

Value is a tricky term; it may refer to the material value of something or the ethical value.… Click to read the full post

AK Value of the month (June): Creativity, risk and experimentation

June is here for good, so it was about time to define the value of the month. The AK value for June is “Creativity, risk and experimentation”. The definition provided for this value, according to the initial blog post is the following:

We encourage our people to take calculated risks and engage in playful experimentation. We welcome “trial and error” as a cornerstone of learning. We are not afraid to make mistakes because, after all, that’s often the best way to learn. We take risks and are open to are colleagues taking risks too, as long as we learn from them as a team and use them to make better decisions in the future.

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International buffet – AmbassadorS of the value “Learn, Develop, Grow”


On Friday, May 30th, a very nice event took place here in AK offices. We organized an international buffet consisted by dishes made by all Agro-Know team. Each dish a different story. We all learned from the dish of the other and I have to admit that all of them were delicious; both the savoury and the sweet ones. And as 1 picture is 1000 words you can check it by yourselves:



Combined with this buffet, we also voted for the ambassador of the value of the month “Learn, Develop, Grow”. This time there was not 1 or 2 but 5 ambassadors!… Click to read the full post