AK Value of the month (May): Learn, Develop, Grow


Well, May is here for good so it was about time to move on with the next of the AK values in the list; this time, the value of the month is “Learn, Develop, Grow“, which may be further defined as follows:

We embrace change in our business with a view on learning and developing ourselves and our mission. We know that inside each team member there is more potential than we even realize. We work to constantly unlock that potential, both in ourselves and our co-workers. Everyone is open and looking forward to feedback.

Let me try to express my interpretation of this value here, decomposing the value in its three components:

  1. Learn: Working for AK provides a lot of learning opportunities; ranging from seminars & webinars publicly available, to project-funded training schools, hackathons and related events.  
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AK Value of the month (April): Respect everyone and be fair

Give respect, get respect (source: http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/yourcumbria/summer2008/respect.asp)

It was about time to get started for the Value of the Month for April. Last time things were delayed a little bit but this time we had the flexibility to work on that early enough to allow everything to be ready on time. The value selected for April is No 4: “Respect everyone and be fair”, which according to the reference post is defined as:

We commit to act with respect and consideration towards our colleagues and clients. We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior, independently of the hierarchical level of the aggressor. When we act inappropriately, we apologize promptly – and if needed, publicly.

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AK Value of the month (March): Proud Delivery

It has already been more than one month since the launch of the “Value of the Month” concept and series of blog posts in AK. In the previous (and initial post), the full list of AK values, the methodology for defining these values as well as the process for highlighting the role of the Value of the month and discussing about it were presented.

Well, the value of the month this time is No 8, “Proud Delivery“. According to the official list of values, the concept of the Proud delivery is that 


We only undertake work that we can deliver with the highest quality standards that will make us proud; our reputation is more important than any single project.

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Agro-Know Values: the story & the value of the month

Let me start with bit of pre-history. A little more than three years ago Agro-Know family found its new permanent “laaarge” home (I put quotes because we don’t fit there anymore) . Day by day, month by month the AK family was growing. It was obtaining all the usual attributes of the corporate family – defined job positions, teams and departments, organizational structure, rules here and there… You can read about our organizational changes and structure in the earlier post. Still one of the bright characteristics of AK always was quite a flexible atmosphere without much need for formal discussions and meetings, despite of hard-working schedule. … Click to read the full post