Safe travels, Erik

I want to fly away

Almost 15 years ago, during winter 2001-2002. We were still young graduate students with Pythagoras and Kostas, working late hours at the ASK research unit of ITI-CERTH in Athens. We were spending hours, trying to understand, digest and decompose the IEEE standard on Learning Object Metadata. And every time that we celebrated a small step forward, something better and sexier hit us from this guy: Metadata Principles and Practicalities. A LOM Research Agenda. Electronic Forms Must Die! To get us back in our worm hole to work for many more hours.

I vaguely remember the first time that I met him, in July 2002.… Click to read the full post

Agroknow History 101 (and Happy New Year!)


Last night the Ghost of Christmas Past visited me in my sleep, and took me for a trip back to the very early years  of this company – to 2007 when the idea for setting it up was born. I was still working on my PhD on agricultural information management, and οne evening Kostas came by our house for a social visit. The idea hit us while we were sitting in a small room at the back of my house – full of books, CDs, dirty laundry and baby toys. We saw the potential in what I was doing in my PhD: why not start a company to deliver this promise?… Click to read the full post

We Change


Τhe time has come. Not any more do we need to split our name in two, so that people may understand that we do agriculture+knowledge. All around the world, more and more find out about the small but mighty Greek superhero team that is doing magic with agricultural information. And they should know us by name: Agroknow. A single word that glues together agriculture with knowledge. A simple change in our name that conveys a powerful message.

We are Agroknow, the company that does the magic to seamlessly connect agriculture with knowledge. The company that is among the leaders of the global movement of open data for agriculture and nutrition.… Click to read the full post

Goodbye to my Agro-Know family

Almost one month ago I took a very difficult decision of moving out of Agro-Know and pursue my professional career elsewhere. After two years being part of the team, I now believe that I have fulfilled my circle in the company and is time to move on. But throughout the month, I was thinking on how much I would miss the company.

It all started two years ago when on April first 2013 (yes, on the April Fool’s day) I joined the company for the first time. As time was passing, I was more and more connected with the people here, actually living one of our values, being part of a “family”.… Click to read the full post

agINFRA: the end is the beginning

Case closed.

There are some projects that have a special value and meaning for people, even if they look similar to others, even if they run similarly to others, even if they finish in a nice but quite inglorious manner – compared to the energy and passion that they needed to start. Organic.Edunet was one of them, agINFRA is also one of those special ones. And it has finished on Friday with an excellent review meeting, receiving excellent feedback, and leaving a sweet but also bitter taste in mouth. Because, from now, agINFRA will not be one of the flagship, strategic and essential for our survival EU projects.… Click to read the full post



Ήρθε η ώρα για μια αλλαγή. Μια μικρή, μεγάλη αλλαγή. Να σταματήσουμε να χωρίζουμε το όνομά μας στα δυο, για να είναι ξεκάθαρο και κατανοητό ότι αυτή η εταιρεία παντρεύει την αγροτική παραγωγή με τη γνώση – agriculture+knowledge. Σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο, μεγάλοι φορείς που ασχολούνται με θέματα αγροτικής παραγωγής, γεωπονίας και τροφίμων μαθαίνουν για την ελληνική εταιρεία που κάνει μαγικά με την πληροφορία. Και θα πρέπει να μας ξέρουν με το όνομά μας: Agroknow. Μια λέξη, ολόκληρη, με συνοχή, που θα δείχνει τον ισχυρό και αδιατάρακτο δεσμό μεταξύ της αγροτικής παραγωγής και της γνώσης.

Είμαστε η Agroknow.… Click to read the full post

What is Organic.Edunet?


There are some things that we, the more experienced and old members of Agro-Know, take for granted. And that as new faces join the team and get involved in our everyday activities, we understand that we shouldn’t. One of those is the “totem” that is known as Organic.Edunet. I know what Organic.Edunet is, as well as what it was. I know how it was conceived. How it was designed. How it kicked off and developed in time. How it was launched, redesigned and re-deployed. But most of all, I know that Organic.Edunet was the opportunity that later would lead me to think about setting up a company specialised in agricultural knowledge management – yes, you which company I am referring to.… Click to read the full post