Building digital educational repositories for agriculture: The AgLR tool

Organic.Edunet original (old) logo

Organic.Edunet original (old) logo

As I have already mentioned in one of the previous blog posts, I have been working with educational metadata and digital educational repositories since 2009, when I first got involved in EU-funded projects as a member of the AUA (Agricultural University of Athens) team in the context of the Organic.Edunet eContentPlus project. Starting as a domain expert in organic agriculture, then as a metadata expert and a reviewer, I spent countless hours with the Organic.Edunet Confolio tool, the tool we used for the creation of metadata records for digital educational resources for organic agriculture and agroecology, as well as for other green topics.… Click to read the full post

Agriculture and entrepreneurship: The perspective of an observer


Some months ago I had the opportunity to be involved in the ENTREDU ICT-PSP project, a project that aims to explore the current status of the entrepreneurship education and to support both the teachers and schools (primary and secondary ones) to develop the pedagogies, concepts and curricula required for entrepreneurship education. Since my involvement was focused on the identification of the state of the art and the available related data sources, I actually managed to identify several of them, including metadata aggregators, digital repositories and websites which provided access to related learning material and useful information. Taking into consideration my agricultural education background, it made sense to me to see how this information and approach could be applied in the agricultural sector.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know, biodiversity and the Bouchout Declaration


Agro-Know has a long-time involvement in the biodiversity area – in various aspects; it all started with the Organic.Edunet Web portal which was launched back in 2010 (and continues until today of course) and contains a number of digital educational resources on biodiversity; biodiversity is only one of the several green topics covered by the portal, which focuses on organic agriculture but also includes educational resources on other green topics like ecology, sustainability, energy, renewable resources etc.




Then, about one year ago and in the context of the agINFRA project, we had the opportunity to be involved in an effort towards the identification of the standards used for the description of germplasm accessions and the development of a linked data framework for this case.… Click to read the full post

Open data worldwide: The road is open – the challenge is ahead

We often refer to open access and open data through our projects, events and other activities. For example, AK-related projects like agINFRA and SemaGrow are working on open and linked agricultural data of various types and formats, a task that has proven to be hard but not impossible, even at large scales (and this is where SemaGrow shines!). Only during the last months, a high number of Conferences focusing on open access, open and linked data took place both in Greece in the context of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the European Union (like the European Data Forum 2014, SEMIC 2014ICRI 2014 and of course the joint OpenAIRE/COAR Conference) as well as at global level, such as the Open Repositories 2014 Conference in Helsinki, Finland and the SPARC 2014 Conference at Kansas City, USA, just to name a few.… Click to read the full post

This was a reserved blog post: making history

So when Vassilis asked me (that is, Nikos Manouselis – even though I am now editing his own special reserved blog post) to write something about the Agro-Know history for the glorious 100th post in our blog, I first got very-very happy. I liked this idea of being able to be the special one invited to write something very special and that will have some special place in our blog. Vassilis was kind enough to reserve the 100th post for this particular occasion, sent me a very nice set of ideas about what I could write, and ready we were.

There is only one Special One.

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Open Sourcing Plant Seeds – The Open Source Seed Initiative & similar efforts


One of the topics that are of interest for Agro-Know, through our participation in various EU-funded projects like agINFRA and SemaGrow among others (such as the VOA3R project, which ended about one year ago), is open access. Open Access may refer to scientific and research data, open educational resources, governmental data, using Creative Commons licenses for the licensing of outcomes like publications, presentations and any other kind of documentation, linked open data etc. Through our participation in related events we try to keep up with updates in this context, get to know people who are also working in these fields and transfer this experience and updates to our projects and work.… Click to read the full post

OpenAIRE-COAR 2014 Conference

Prof. Yiannis Ioannidis (OpenAIRE) during the Conference

The OpenAIRE-COAR 2014 Conference, titled “Open Access Movement to Reality: Putting the Pieces Together” took place between 21-22/5/2014 at the Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece. It was co-organized by the OpenAIRE project and the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR), under the auspices of the Greek EU Presidency. Agro-Know was there, represented by Elena Kokoliou and me. The event was one of the series of events related to open access, linked open data and related topics organized in Greece during the Greek Presidency, such as the European Data Forum 2014, Semantic Interoperability Conference (SEMIC 2014) and the 2nd International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI 2014).… Click to read the full post

Some thoughts on the joint CIARD/GODAN consultation meeting


CIARD-GODAN-consultationThe 1st joint CIARD/GODAN Consultation meeting took place between 22-24/4/2014 at the FAO Headquarters at Rome, Italy. This was an invitation-only meeting, aiming to bring together people from the CIARD initiative as well as the GODAN (Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition) representatives in order to investigate the opportunities for close collaboration. In this context, having three members of the Agro-Know team participating (Nikos Manouselis, Effie Tsiflidou and me) was a significant privilege and we tried to make the most out of it.

In my opinion, one of the biggest success of the meeting was the fact that it managed to bring together so many policy and decision makers, initiative and community leaders etc., who sat at the same table and tried to explore  ways of collaboration between these two large-scale initiatives.… Click to read the full post

Start-up Owner’s Manual – Book and online course reviewed

For the past few months, almost a year now, I have had the opportunity to experiment and work with the latest approaches in business & product development! I started working with the Lean Startup methodology by Eric Ries and the Lean Canvas of Ash Maurya and worked my way back to the origins of the entire approach, going through Alex Osterwalder’s famous Business Model Canvas, all the way to the course that Steve Blank taught to his students, on how to build a startup… Taking this course online, here, but also reading his book, opened up my mind to a world of opportunities and ideas!… Click to read the full post

Startups: What are they? Really…

On the 24th of April, I had the priviledge of seeing an article of mine, published in the weekly edition of the Finance & Markets Voice newspaper! It was a short position article of 300 words, in which I shortly discussed the concept of a startup, as this is perceived in Greece, also discussing data that come from all around Europe. Since the article was in Greek, I decided to attempt to translate it and share with the rest of the AK team but also our followers, here! Enjoy…!

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We read in an article from Endeavour Greece that within 2013, amidst the crisis in Greece, 144 startups were founded, gathering a staggering funding of 42 million euros.Click to read the full post