“It’s the variety, stupid”


Well, I should have suspected it. But it was good to see more than 40 experts from around the world highlighting and explaining it: the special thing about big data in agriculture is its extreme variety.

This is what you get, if you contrast the four (as IBM suggests) V’s of big data to the data types and sources that are typically used in agricultural, food and environmental research. We are not talking about an extremely large Volume; other domains have much more voluminous data. It is not that they come with a high Velocity, especially compared to other domains.… Click to read the full post

ECVET-STEP: Reusable Units of Learning Outcomes (RULOs)

Accumulation and transfer situations supported by LOs

ECVET_logoThe European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) (see also the CEDEFOP page) strengthens lifelong learning by supporting individuals to move between countries to gain a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification. This requires an alignment between the different countries, systems and contexts, and can be achieved on the basis of the acquired skills and competences that are described in learning outcomes. The transfer, recognition and accumulation of assessed learning outcome facilitates the lifelong learning process.

Accumulation and transfer situations supported by LOs

Accumulation and transfer situations supported by LOs

This modular approach is promoted by the use of ECVET framework. In order to further facilitate organisations to “take the ECVET STEP”, the ECVET-STEP project has built upon a design patterns approach, developing shareable and Reusable Units of Learning Outcomes (RULOs).… Click to read the full post

Big data in Europe calls on Agro-Know


We have been following Big Data Europe since its early stages, learning about the recent advances and trends in big data by prestigious partners like Fraunhofer (yes, the guys that invented MP3). We got more and more involved in this flagship big data initiative for Europe, sharing our understanding of data-related challenges in the agri-food sector, what kind of big data our communities work with, and how cutting edge solutions using big data analytics may be developed to serve their needs.

This is the time to take an important step forward: and beautiful Paris is the place where this will happen.… Click to read the full post

Uplifting workshop on the FIspace offerings


FIspaceOn Wednesday, September 2, 2015, Ι was in Bremen for participating in a FIspace workshop. The workshop’s goal was to present all the FIspace offered tools to companies, in order to help them easy develop their mashups and that was successfully achieved. The logic behind the workshopwas to explain the platform’s functioning from various point of views: the developer’s, the end user’s and the business architect’s.

FIspace is the space for business collaboration under the different FIWARE accelerator programmes. In FIspace every company can develop applications called mashups which could be offered to other businesses; in this way, an “under development” company’s product can grow very fast.… Click to read the full post

Paper submission for the EDEN Open Classroom 2015 / ODS Conference


This year, the European Distance and e-Learning Network‘s (EDEN) Open Classroom is collocated with the Open Discovery Space (ODS) Conference titled “Transforming schools into innovative learning organisations“. The 3-day Conference will take place between 18‐21 September 2015 in Athens, Greece, at the premises of  Ellinogermaniki Agogi. It will be hosted by the Open Discovery Space, DigiSkills and GreeNET projects.


Agro-Know, in collaboration with the Greek Research & Technology Network (GRNET) is participating in both the ODS and the GreeNET project and we decided to prepare a submission for the Conference. In this direction, we worked on a paper titled “Environmental Education through Enquiry and Technology: the case of the GreeNET project“.… Click to read the full post

What happens in Turin stays in Turin? We have a FREME report



Have you ever used services like Open Calais ? If yes then probably you were amazed by how easy is to automatically extract semantic information directly from the submitted text. If you are not familiar with Open Calais it is a service that extracts events, people, organisations, topics and social tags from unstructured data. I would suggest to try it. A lot of developers and companies are using such services to enrich their content, to improve discovery services, to build recommendations services and to extract analytics from content.

But could such great service work with any open dataset that you have for your domain and not only with a specific and close data?
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Agro-Know joins the 2nd FREME project meeting


FREME_Logo_MaintenanceFollowing the project’s kick-off meeting some months ago, the 2nd project meeting of our FREME Horizon 2020 project is taking place between September 3 & 4, at Turin, Italy. This time the meeting is hosted by Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB), one of the project partners.

As usual, during the two days of the project the project partners will present the progress of the various Work Packages and discuss the next steps for the upcoming months. Our COO Giannis Stoitsis is traveling to Turin in order to participate to the meeting on behalf of Agro-Know.

In the context of the FREME project, Agro-Know is expected to contribute to the the validation of the FREME objectives, as it is one of the four (4) real business cases of the project.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know got funded for Foodakai: an intelligent app to harmonise access to food safety information


One of the good news of this summer was that Agro-Know, together with EPI Interactive, have been selected for funding from the European Commission in order to develop further the concept of Foodakai: an intelligent online application that aims to help consumers and small food businesses get better and more quickly informed about emerging food risks and relevant food alerts in their area.

Food safety is one of the hottest topics these days; food has become more complex than ever with the addition of ingredients for coloring, flavor, preservation etc.… Click to read the full post

Organic-AgriWare …. Organic-AgriWhat ???

organic agriware web app
search engine for farmers researchers advisors

Organic-AgriWare is our new “FIWARE funded” web application that aims to help farmers, advisors and researchers to easily discover information related to organic agriculture with a very simple and user-friendly interface. The search results are retrieved by simply tapping into icons that represent categorized content or by querying through the simple search box that comes along with facets (terms, dates, persons etc.). Do you want more ?

In addition, a user can have location-aware document recommendations on organic agriculture.

organic agriware web app search engine for farmers researchers advisors

But what, a simple pretty interface? Now is the part that I like the most. All the “under the hood” implementation is based on the FIWARE cloud technologies.… Click to read the full post

Introducing the Greek Vitis initiative


With many majors initiatives taking place all around the world, like the GODAN initiative (more information can be found here) and the Research Data Alliance (RDA), and with Agro-Know being an important member actively supporting and contributing to many of these initiatives, as in the case of many of the RDA groups and their data interoperability activities, it is time for a Greek initiative that will particularly focus on one of the oldest crops in the world, the grapevine, and thus the domain of viticulture. In collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens, we are launching an effort that will try to create an online map of research and innovation of relevant topics, the -as we call it- Vitis initiative!… Click to read the full post