Short trip to Alcalá de Henares


UAH_logoInformation Engineering Research Unit (IERU). This collaboration started in the context of the Organic.Edunet eContentPlus project back in 2007 and still holds strong; not only through the joint participation in various projects (such as agINFRA, VOA3R, SemaGrow and Organic.Lingua, just to name the major ones) but also through other means – see for example the case of Nikos Palavitsinis who did his PhD research and presented his PhD thesis in the specific university.

In the context of this collaboration I had the opportunity to make a short trip to Alcala (26-28/2) – I admit that each opportunity to visit Alcala is more than welcome!It has been quite a long time since I last visited Alcala de Henares; it must have been last February, in the context the Organic.Lingua 5th project meeting

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H2020 Information Day with focus on e-infrastructures


As some of you may know, we are currently under a new project proposal period and with Horizon 2020 having just started, the EC is organizing a number of information days to inform the community regarding the specific calls. Last week I had the chance to visit Brussels and among others, follow the very interesting information day for the e-infrastructure work programme.

It was my first time in Brussels and there were a lot of little things that got my attention, starting even before reaching Brussels. You first realize that you are flying to Brussels when you are still in the airport.Click to read the full post

Mile after mile


The other day I was preparing my contribution on the AK value of the month (see here) where I posted some data regarding the business trips AK people have done over the last year.

With AK having a great R&D profile and being involved in a number of projects, it is this type of work that requires a lot of travels in order to attend project meetings, workshops, conferences and other events. Off course with each event being very different, the trips are distributed among many of AK people.

When I first had the idea of trying to capture the trips AK people had done over the past year, I didn’t expected to be so amazed by the results.… Click to read the full post

Herbal.Mednet 3rd project meeting


On the 5th to the 7th of February the 3rd Herbal.Mednet project meeting took place in Rome, Italy. The meeting was hosted in the beautiful premises of Città dell’Altra Economia (CAE), located in the area of the old slaughter house and a place that has been transformed into a cultural and alternative center in Rome with museums, university buildings and others also being there.

The meeting was scheduled to discuss the current status of the Herbal.Mednet project and align our work for the preparation and the organization of the training workshops that are soon to take place. All partners where represented in the meeting, including the new Italian partners, Associazione Italiana per l’Agricoltura Biologica (AIAB), even though they still wait for the formal approval for their participation.… Click to read the full post

Organic.Lingua 7th Project meeting


The 7th (and final) project meeting of the Organic.Lingua project took place between 15-17 of January 2014 at the lovely premises of the newly built Library of Birmingham, hosted by BCU. Just one month before the end of the project, the consortium had an opportunity to meet for the last time and coordinate on the final details before the end of the project and the upcoming final review meeting (to be held in Luxembourg by the end of April 2014). The K-C team could not physically attend the meeting; however, Christoph and Dominik participated through Skype video calls when needed (focusing on the sessions on the UGC widget and recommendation service) and thanks to the facilities of the meeting room their participation was smooth.… Click to read the full post

Reflections on the ‘Opening up Education’ Panel discussions at the 10th EdReNE seminar

By Cristóbal Cobo Romaní on Flickr,

By Cristóbal Cobo Romaní on Flickr,

Earlier this November I had the opportunity to attend the 10th EdReNe conference in Brussels organised by the European Schoolnet EUN. Among the main themes discussed at the conference was the recently launched European Commission’s ‘Opening Up Education‘ (OUE) initiative.

The highlight of the first day of the conference was, for me, the Panel discussion of OUE lead by representatives of the Irish, Danish, Portuguese, Swiss and Dutch ministries of education. The Panel discussion was preceded by the ‘Opening up Education’ presentation delivered by Ricardo Ferreira, representating the European Commission – DG Education and Culture.… Click to read the full post

European Union Delegation on Research Infrastructure to Australia

Few months ago, on the first days of November, I had the chance to visit Australia as part a European Union Delegation on Research Infrastructure representing the agINFRA project. The visit aimed to strengthen the collaboration between EU and Australia, compare different approaches in research infrastructure and establish or extent bilateral contacts and cooperation arrangements between the initiatives on subjects of world-wide interest.

The delegation was composed of representatives from funding authorities, stakeholder organisations and key Research Infrastructure initiatives covering diverse – but related – fields and was led by Octavi Quintana-Trias, the director of European Research Area (DG Research and Innovation, EC), which a pleasure and an honor to meet.… Click to read the full post