Lean AKademy – Episode VI

The first phase of our first attempt with “Lean”, in Lean AKademy is coming to an end! Only one meeting left, and the teams have really started to grasp the problems they are tackling, acknowledging their customers as well as the alternatives they currently use to solve their problems! For this sixth meeting, once more, we focused mainly on the interviews and their results, only spending a few minutes discussing on theory. We will have enough time to go into greater depth about channels, metrics, pricing and more, in the second phase of the Lean AKademy!

Lean Slides

For this meeting, all our teams have succeeded in collecting enough input through interviews! Each team managed to collect 4 to 6 interviews so far, which was a really satisfying number taking into account the difficulties that they met, in finding the time to arrange the interviews. Most of the people we contacted were more than eager to provide an interview but still many of them did not have the time, mainly because of proposal preparations and hectic work schedules. The positive thing about this problem was the our teams worked around it, using meetings and events they attended as an opportunity to conduct “field interviews”, discussing informally with other participants that fit our profiles, on the problems of our interview form and script!

This meeting was dedicated completely in discussing the interview outcomes with each team. We focused in the beginning on practical aspects of the interviews, focusing on how we approach our interviewees and how we talk to them about specific problems. We contemplated on the difficulty of booking face-to-face interviews and discussed skype as a viable alternative with its limitations and benefits. Following that, we picked key phrases that interviewees used, to check our problems and how these might have changed over this short period of time. Finishing the meeting, which was shorter than previous times, we held a cross-team discussion were the teams offered their views on the work carried out by their colleagues, trying to offer some external insight on their problems, that may help them in the future.

The teams will go back to interviewing their last couple of interviewees until the 23rd of April, collecting their input and documenting it on the final report of each team! On the 23rd, the Agro-Know team will meet to discuss on the outcomes of the teams. Each team will present its progress and identify whether it is needed to pivot our assumptions or proceed with the next phase of Lean AKademy! Stay tuned for a next post with the presentations and main outcomes of the discussion!


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