LIVE from Hack4Med: The HOMER Hackathon

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hack4med logoHack4Med is here! We kicked off today at 17.00 with a set of speeches from local authorities of Heraklion, focusing on their data and the needs they have from innovative applications on their topics. After completing the speeches, we divided into two groups and we interviewed our speakers to get some more specific input for our hack ideas! Once we collected all the input, we went into one big group and we shared our insights, identifying hack ideas that we decided to move forward with!

What you see below is a glimpse of what is happening at the moment, at 22.30, with the teams working in their respective spaces, filled with energy, food and supplies for an all-night hacking experience! The university building that is hosting us, is already empty from all the staff and only a couple of lights stay on to show that we are still here, coding our way through the night!

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3

You may also follow the updates through the official Twitter account (@Hack4MedCrete) and of course using the official hashtag (#Hack4Med)


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