About the Agro-Know blog: First six months

Visits per country

Well, it seems that it has been about six months since the Agro-Know blog was launched. Since the previous report there have been a lot of new posts and comments as well as activity in general. I am always interested in getting a little bit of the statistics / analytics of the blog, so I took some time to go through them and make a short presentation. It seems that since November 2013 the blog features 86 blog posts from 9 different authors and 74 comments. It has received more than 3,700 visits and 7,300 pageviews from about 1,700 unique visitors coming from 96 different countriesAs expected, most of the visits come from Greece, which is the basis of Agro-Know. However, there is a significant number of visits from other countries like USA, UK, Italy, Spain and India while the list goes on.


Visits per country

Visits per country


It is also important that more than 53% of the visitors are returning ones, meaning that they like what they see and they come back to check new posts; the situation seems to have been normalized compared to three months ago, where this percentage was higher. It is a matter of how one sees things, but I like to think that at least half of the blog’s visitors visit it on a regular basis (returning ones), while the other half are new ones, checking out the blog for the first time. 

Keeping the blog updated is usually not a hard task; AK is involved in so many activities, events & meetings that reporting each one of them is enough; apart from that, we have some post categories which run almost on a regular basis, such as the Know Agro-Know (with short interviews of the Agro-Know members) and the AK Value of the month series. On top of that, we try to host some interesting interviews with Friends of Agro-Know or people from other initiatives that we find interesting and we would like to get in touch with and we also try to present any kind of related activity or outcome that Agro-Know is involved in (or would like to be involved!).

The blog is open to all members of the Agro-Know team, while we are also openly inviting anyone who would like to contribute with an invited post to do so! Just send us an email at vprot at agroknow dot gr and we will get in touch with you.

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