Lean AKademy – Presenting Problem/Solution Fit

On Friday, May 24th, the three teams of the Lean AKademy, presented in front of all the AK team, their outcomes of the first Lean AKademy phase! The results of the work that lasted for almost two months, from mid-March to mid-May, were presented to the rest of the AK team that had the opportunity to ask questions on the findings of our teams. More specifically, Effie & Nikos presented their idea on “Information Sharing, Exchange and Discoverability of Content by Food Safety Providers”, Elena & Thodoris presented their idea on “Supporting Multilingual Discovery Services and Visualizations on Research Data” and Babis & Stavros presented their work on “Training the Trainers on Food Safety of Agricultural Products”.


On some statistics/metrics related to the process, our teams managed to interview successfully, 24 people, having contacted in total 31. This means that in 77% of the cases, we managed to contact the people we aimed, to get feedback on the problems we identified on our lean canvases, which was really high. Related to the means of the interviews, we saw that half of them were carried out through Skype or telephone and the other half were conducted face-to-face.


All our teams have identified at least one (in one case even more), problem that is urgent and painful for their customers. Effie & Nikos as well as Thodoris & Elena, felt that they needed some extra time to conduct more interviews on a focused customer group that would allow them to elaborate more on a couple of key problems they have identified. Babis & Stavros have more than enough to go with, so their next step is to create a low-fidelity Minimum Viable Product (MVP), that will be tested through a set of solution interviews.

If you would be interested to see the details of the work carried out so far by our teams, or if you would like to contribute, let us know by sending a message to palavitsinis@agroknow.gr and we will find a way to get you in contact with our teams, or even get you on board, working with us on the ideas of this Lean AKademy round!

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