Building European Success Stories for Rising Greek Startups

On Thursday, 22/5, Agro-Know attended the event “Building European Success Stories for Rising Greek Startups”! This was an event that was co-organized by Metavallon and EIT ICT Labs, aiming to give to a group of Greek Startups the opportunity to pitch their efforts in front of a Greek and international team of experts, and to apply for a dynamic startup training session in Europe. The session started with a presentation of the work carried out by EIT ICT Labs, by Roberto Saracco. One message that I kept from Mr Saracco’s talk was that Europe is more about creating research and theory, instead of generating money and creating products for the market. The main point on Mr. Saracco’s talk was the ways in which EIT ICT Labs fosters innovation, among others with its hubs around Europe that offer events and insfrastructures and facilities for aspiring innovators/entrepreneurs. In general, EIT ICT Labs’ goals are:

  • To produce many student entrepreneurs,
  • To create many startups,
  • To become hubs of innovation,
  • To create a “comet” effect

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Mr. Fabio Carati took the floor to talk about existing startups around Europe that have connected through EIT ICT Labs to start new ventures that benefit all sides. He emphasized a lot on the need to connect higher education with research & technology and the business. After Mr. Carati, a “set” of startups took the floor to present their business ventures, namely the Tutorizon, BubbleApp and Aterin. After receiving the comments and questions of the audience and the committee of experts, all presenters took their seats for the talk by Theodore Moulos (i-docs), on how he managed to expand his business abroad and how this affected the vision of the business overall. Mr. Moulos’ talk was really aspiring, focusing on really practical problems when trying to sell your idea on a foreign market, providing advice on how these problems can be surpassed.

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After Mr. Moulos’ speech, another set of startups presented their cases and received comments. The last presentation of the day was given by Aleksandra Parcinka, on the EIT ICT Outreach Program. After the end of the presentation, the participants were given the time to network and connect, exchanging views on their ideas/startups and getting more feedback that would help them develop their business ideas further.

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