International buffet – AmbassadorS of the value “Learn, Develop, Grow”


On Friday, May 30th, a very nice event took place here in AK offices. We organized an international buffet consisted by dishes made by all Agro-Know team. Each dish a different story. We all learned from the dish of the other and I have to admit that all of them were delicious; both the savoury and the sweet ones. And as 1 picture is 1000 words you can check it by yourselves:



Combined with this buffet, we also voted for the ambassador of the value of the month “Learn, Develop, Grow”. This time there was not 1 or 2 but 5 ambassadors! And that can be explained, as we want to Learn, Develop and Grow inside the company and this is visible and awarded by our colleagues. Andreas, Effie, Nikos Manolis, Stavros, and Thodoris are our example 🙂

Well done guys!


With the small olive tree gift in the middle 🙂


We were also glad to have with us Fabrizio Celli from FAO as well as Dr. Sun Wei and Dr. Xian Guojian from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; as far as we know they were also glad to be here with us during the event as they had the opportunity to try some Greek traditional dishes along with adapted versions of international ones!


  1. I really enjoyed the event and I found the concept really nice; instead of us having yet another set of presentations about the values etc., we decided to spend some time on preparing tasty dishes and sharing with the rest of the team. This gave us the opportunity not only to taste different dishes, but also to get involved in more informal discussions and have some good time with colleagues.

    I could also see some of the values being implemented there during the design and implementation of the event, like “Proud Delivery”, “Our people are doers” and of course “Learn, Develop, Grow”!

    Kudos to the AK Culture Power Team for organizing this!


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