agINFRA 6th project meeting

agINFRA_logo_newThe 6th meeting of the agINFRA project was organized by Agro-Know and took place between 11-13/6/2014 at the premises of the Apivita Experience store (Hippocrates Lecture Hall), in the center of Athens, Greece. In this relaxing and refreshing environment, the project partners had the opportunity to meet a few months before the end of the project and discuss about the ongoing work, the pending issues and the necessary revisions to be made in some of the planned activities and aspects, based on the feedback received in the meantime.

Skipping the details, I personally found really interesting the introduction of some new case studies which were presented, based on the requirements identified and collected during the previous months. This will allow the project to work on solutions that support the issues of the new case studies. Apart from that, sessions of the meeting were dedicated to the linked agricultural data framework developed by agINFRA and currently applied in the case of the agINFRA data providers and the agricultural data aggregation in general; this is where the current work of CAAS researchers Dr. Sun Wei and Dr. Xian Guojian during their research visit in Agro-Know fits. Other discussion included the progress of the technical aspects of the project, such as the grid- and cloud-based infrastructure as well as the services implemented for connecting the aggregated data with the technical aspects of the project.


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As usually, the status and progress of all Work Packages of the project were presented, along with next steps and deadlines. Almost all consortium members were represented at this meeting, apart from the INFN team which participated through Skype, as well as our Indian (ISI) and Chinese (CAAS) partners who have to make long trips in order to be able to attend the meetings. In any case, this time I had the opportunity to meet Xavier Ochoa from ESPOL, who made the long trip from Ecuador in order to join us for the meeting.

An important aspect of the meeting was the preparation of the Open Agricultural Data campaign, which is expected to be ready in summer 2014 and then disseminated during the autumn. I will not go into details, but it seems like a really interesting event (or even a set of related events) to take place somewhere in September/October 2014. It is expected to be combined with at least one agriculture-related hackathon as well as a larger-scale event 😉

Keep an eye on the agINFRA website for more news and updates!


Note: We would like to thank Apivita for offering the beautiful “Hippocrates” room of the Apivita Experience Store in the center of Athens for the meeting, as well as for helping us during the meeting with various practicalities. The fact that due to the agINFRA project meeting the store had to open at least 45 mins earlier than usual may have caused some inconvenience to the employees but we are grateful for their understanding and help!

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