This was a reserved blog post: making history

So when Vassilis asked me (that is, Nikos Manouselis – even though I am now editing his own special reserved blog post) to write something about the Agro-Know history for the glorious 100th post in our blog, I first got very-very happy. I liked this idea of being able to be the special one invited to write something very special and that will have some special place in our blog. Vassilis was kind enough to reserve the 100th post for this particular occasion, sent me a very nice set of ideas about what I could write, and ready we were.

There is only one Special One. Or at least, this is what all Special Ones believe.


Then, some days passed. And I was busy. And I didn’t find the time to write about all the nice things Vassilis asked me to. And the specially reserved blog post was overridden by a new one. And then a new one. Until it completely disappeared from the first page of our blog, even before I found the time to write it. And it became past history. Without anyone really noticing – except from Vassilis, who was kind enough to improvise suggesting me to write the 111th post instead (who knows what would come next, if I delayed this even more – the 1000th or more?).


Reserved blog post: already archived...


Then I noticed it: this reserved blog post was posted by Vassilis right on the date when my birthday was. And I immediately understood the scheme. He was trying to nicely tell me that, by growing old, I should accept that my space in the company is right there in the shelf with the historical memorabilia and the relics. That the best that I could get is being invited from time to time to write something of historic value like “The 100th anniversary blog post” or “The top-10 moments in the life of Agro-Know”, and then disappear again behind a pile of papers, dust and outdated machinery.

Which, at the end of the day, does not sound that bad. I decided to take the challenge and take care of documenting a bit of the History of Agro-Know moments. That is, find a way to share and tell the various stories and moments from the life in Agro-Know, as we grow and evolve and create more history.

Starting this month, I will try to blog about some of these moments, in a fresh new (or old, depending on the perspective) category called something like “Agro-Know Stories”. And from time to time, I will invite all the children (we are a family, after all) and tell them a bit more about the moments that we have experienced as a team, sharing a bit of the fun part and a bit of the ugly part, so that we all grow wiser and better informed. And we will hopefully continue to live happily ever after…

“So come closer children, let me tell you a story. And keep in mind that my pipe is decorative only, smoking is not allowed for kids like you…”


  1. Well, yes, it was a nice coincidence that the special 100th AK blog post was reserved for you on your b-day and yes, I am a sucker for stories from the past so I was looking forward to read your post (expecting such stories) when you were ready. I have to admit that I was worried that you wouldn’t find the time to work on it but it seems that you managed to prepare something before the 111th post (we are currently at 108 blog posts).

    The new series of blog posts that you mention in your email sounds like a plan and I hope that you will manage to find time for one of them per month; until then, please go back to your dusty books and try to bring back any memories from the AK past! 😛

  2. You don’t have to try to blog, you have to do it, Nikos! Because all the kids are already sitting around the fireplace and everybody is waiting for the grandpa to tell all those mythical stories about the metadata tiger or the hungarian battles in OE times 😀

    • Thanks for the support Salvador; only a blogger could present it so nicely!
      By the way, it would be great if you had the time to provide us with interesting stories from the projects’ past through invited posts in the AK blog – I am sure that you have plenty of them, of special interest to the Agro-Know team 🙂


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