Natural Europe project ends with a green card!


At the end of September, the Natural Europe (NE) project came to its end. The project, which started in October 2010, was a 3 year project co-funded by the European Commission under the ICT-PSP Programme. Several Agro-Know team members were actively involved in the project as members of the GRNET team, which was the coordinator of the project.

It aimed to place museum visitors in the centre of an exhibition that is both physical and virtual. Using technology, services and learning content, the project provided personalised, appealing educational experiences, changing the way museum education is perceived and conducted worldwide! The project facilitated the development of a number of museum cultural collections and educational collections, and significantly supported the educational pathways which made use of the existing educational resources from the participating museums, enriched with additional publicly available content. Last but not least, a strong connection with Europeana was established, enabling the interoperability between the huge aggregator and the Natural Europe project repository.

During the final review of the project, the Natural Europe project received great comments from the reviewers giving in all sections a green green flag! According to the reviewers the project exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional work involving users and stakeholders in evaluating and engaging methods and tools. The reviewers focused on the beyond expectations evolution of the tools over the years, the educational games authoring tool and app, the great sustainability plan with the incubation component, and the very thorough IPR analysis and good/bad practices guides.anging the way museum education is perceived and conducted worldwide!



This is the ticket to a green green card!


At this point the Coordinating team would like to express their thanks to all partners for their great collaboration in delivering such an excellent overall result. The products created inside the project will continue to be available and we hope to be even more embraced by the community and to offer users enhanced experiences.

You can find detailed information about the project and its outcomes in the Natural Europe wiki!

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