AK Value of the month (July): Focus on value


We are quickly reaching the middle of July; this means that it is time for presenting and discussing the value of this month, which is “Focus on Value”. The definition provided for this value, according to the initial blog post is the following:

We put every resource that we have in good use by focusing only on what brings value to our company, our clients and our colleagues.

To achieve this, we are always setting clear goals and we are working towards them.

For once more I will be the one providing his personal view/interpretation of the value, hoping that I will not influence my colleagues in doing so…

Value is a tricky term; it may refer to the material value of something or the ethical value. Despite the fact that this post apparently refers to the ethical aspect of a value, it is important to note that a private company like Agro-Know would not be able to survive if there was no profit/value in its outcomes and products. The Agro-Know team consists of people who need to be paid, so they should make sure that they put their time, effort and resources in something that will bring value to the company, which in turn will reward them for their work.

However, at the same time we need to ensure that we do not stick to the financial aspect of a value; the ethical part of it is equally, if not more important. When we set a goal for a task, we always keep in mind that what we are working on will bring added value to our company, our clients and our colleagues. Each small step we take should make a little difference, at least a slight improvement over the previous situation or the status of something. As mentioned earlier, we are free to experiment and take risks in our daily work routine; however, this should always aim at making a step forward, at improving things and make a difference.


Setting a clear goal and defining the steps in a process or task makes it easier for us to successfully undertake a task and complete it as expected; sometimes even better than that. It will allow to better focus on what we need to focus on and avoid distractions, incorrect choices and wasted time and effort. Last but not least, it will also allow us to use our resources more efficiently and as resources are not always abundant, we need to make good use of them. By providing the best possible result based on what brings value to us, our colleagues, our customers and Agro-Know, we keep everyone happy while at the same time we are professionally progressing at a personal, team as well as company level. The key to that is for us to able to listen to the needs and expectations of our colleagues and customers; only then we will be able to add that little something more (called value!) in what they are expecting to get back from us.

The following video is not actually related to the topic of this blog post; I just came across it while searching for a related video to add in the post and it happened to have a catchy title; in addition, it is a little bit funny and (even partially) shows a comparison between an organized and focused person and a disorganized one; however, the main message of this video is that focusing on the value is the key!


It would be interesting to see what other AK team members (and anyone else of course, you are more than welcome to join the conversation!) have to say about the value of the month: In the comments to this post feel free to speak out your thoughts about the value of this month, express ideas, comments, give examples or even just upload a photo/picture that represents the way you understand the value.

Your contribution is not obligatory, but we would like to see as many different opinions as possible – all of them before July 25th!! Your comments may drive a useful discussion and reveal aspects of this value that are not obvious 😉



  1. Well Vassilis, I could not agree more with what you mention above…

    Being in charge of Lean in AK, I am a big fan of this specific value. Allow me to remind you that in lean manufacturing, whatever doesn’t add value to a product is considered waste and is therefore a target for elimination. Processes or parts that are used when producing something, without adding actual value to it, should always be removed and the corresponding resources should be put in a better use…

    I think that value in a product/service comes both from hard work but also from talent, persistence and vision. And these characteristics are fundamental for anyone that wants to add value to what he/she does. We can all work hard, but there are only few that can really add value to what they do…

    Here’s a nice approach to added value that I found in a comic online (source: http://www.andertoons.com/cartoon-blog/2012/08/teacher-cartoons-2.html)

  2. I agree with the both views above.
    And would like to add/ or share a bit my opinion. First of all, I believe there doesn’t exist the unique comprehancion of meaning that we put in definition of value. And in order to focus at one of them, we should clearly see what the priority is, work smarter and know WHAT we are doing and WHY? Or maybe value is a complex dimension? [I have found the follwoing formula of TOTAL Value. So, try to focus on its all variables]


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