The Agro-Know blog is here!

I have to admit that I feel really honored to be the first one to write in the Agro-Know blog. The blog came out as an idea discussed between Nikos Manouselis and me a few days ago. I have to admit that I was excited to hear that Nikos liked the idea of a blog by and for Agro-Know; I am an avid blogger myself so having the opportunity to contribute to the AK blog sounds really interesting!

We aim to use the blog as a live, interactive way for exposing the outcomes of our work (as AK), as well as to allow each AK team member to share his ideas and thoughts with the rest of the world. We will try to integrate the blog in our workflows, which also include other tools, like the Wiki, the Twitter account etc. for quickly disseminating our activities and share them with everyone.

We are still young, so we are still learning; your feedback on our effort would be really valuable to us so please do not hesitate to comment on the blog posts!

On behalf of the Agro-Know team,



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