Hosting the Global Water Pathogen Project meeting


One of our core values in AK, is Mother Earth Inspiration. There is no other project that reflects so much on this value than the new Global Water Pathogen Project, partially funded by UNESCO, that looks on aspects of wastewater management (pathogens, virus, etc.).

The project aims at authoring a second version of the “Sanitation and disease : health aspects of excreta and wastewater management” Feachem et. al. 1983 book, a reference book for all researchers working on wastewater management, with the new version of the book involving more than 100 authors from different disciplines around the world.

Agro-Know, as an expert in managing biodiversity data and transforming data into meaningful knowledge, collaborates with the GWPP for the creation of an online hub that will capture and visualise all related information, creating not only an online version for the Feachem 2.0 book but a point of reference for all stakeholders.

During the past weekend, we had the chance to actual host a small group of key members of the GWPP and people in charge of authoring the virus section of the book, prior to the meeting of the whole virus group during the 4th Food and Environmental Virology conference, September 2-5, 2014, Corfu, Greece.

As usual, this type of meetings is a great opportunity to actual meet in person people that have only exchanged e-mails and learn a lot about their work. Apart from our main partners from the Michigan State University, Joan Rose and Kyana Young, also in the meeting were John Scott Meschke (University of Washington), Walter Betancourt (Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research), Hung Nguyen (International Livestock Research Institute), Rosina Girones (University of Barcelona), Marize Miagostovich (Girones Oswaldo Cruz Institute) and Apostolos Vantarakis (University of Patras).

After a long weekend of discussions, a number of decisions were taken and actions for everyone regarding the next steps in the project.

From the whole team in AK, let me once again thank all those who traveled so far to join the meeting. We look forward working with you on this very interesting subject.

And for all those reading this post, let me assure you that soon you will hear more for GWPP.

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