Short visit to the Antonis Tritsis Park & Organization Earth premises


About one week ago we (well, most of the members of the Business Development and the Project Management teams – the other teams did the same on different days) had the opportunity to make a short trip from the Agro-Know offices in Vrilissia to the premises of the Organization Earth & the Antonis Tritsis Park, which are located near Agioi Anargyroi, at the west side of Attica. It was a short trip (no more than 20 mins by car) from the office and we shortly we found ourselves in a green and peaceful environment just a few minutes far from the office!



The Environmental Awareness Park ‘Antonis Tritsis’ is located on the area named “Queen’s Tower”, in the western part of the urban fabric of Athens, within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Ilion. Adjacent to the east by the municipality of Ag. Anargyroi and to the north by the municipality of Kamatero. It is the largest organized green park in the urban fabric of Athens, the total area of approximately 1,200 acres.

Organization Earth is a Greek not-for-profit NGO set up to provide answers to modern social concerns about society and the environment. The organization’s first seed was ‘planted’ at the end of 2008 and members retained an undiminished level of interest until the organization was officially established in January 2010 with its headquarters at 67 Dimokratias Ave. in the Municipality of Ilion, on the Pirgos Vasilissis Estate. The Organization organizes a high number of activities related to green education focusing on the most practical aspects (e.g. allowing participants to plant/seed their own plant, cultivate them, harvest them etc.).



So what did we do there? We spent some lovely quality time in a green environment, had the opportunity to discuss and check out the premises of the Organization Earth and the magnificent landscape of the Antonis Tritsis Park. Everything looked so aligned to the Agro-Know values and at the heart of what we are doing; one should keep in mind that Agro-Know bases almost all of its activities on the agri-food and agro-biodiversity information management. The visit ended with a short coffee break at the “Hypoglykemia” cafe, a really cosy and warm place where we had the opportunity to share our experience and feelings related to the places we visited and got engaged into informal discussion.

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