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Agro-Know has been using social media mostly for the last couple of years; the AK wiki was the point of reference for the company since its first steps, followed by an occasional presence in Twitter & Flickr first and then through a Facebook page while there were several others in the meantime (e.g. YouTube channel, Slideshare etc.) that were used for other purposes. However, we only recently decided to take a holistic approach and re-think the presence of Agro-Know in social media; this led to a significant revision in the representation of Agro-Know through the social media. In the following section, I try to list the most frequently used/updated Agro-Know social media channels that we use for promoting not only our work but any related news and events.



The Agro-Know website has been a long-time wish that only recently came true. We had to revise our initial plans a couple of times (for several reasons) and we even have to totally re-design from scratch an almost final version!

The website currently provides information about Agro-Know and its values, solutions offered, contact information, job openings, our projects and networks  etc. We are currently in the process of revising the sections (and text available) of the website, based on the recent revisions introduced in the company. In this direction, please feel free to let us know of any bugs or suggestions for improvement.





This is something that we are really proud of and the analytics of the blog are pretty encouraging (e.g. we receive frequent visits from all over the world). We started the blog back in December 2013 and in less than 1 year we already have a pool of 130 posts by 10 authors (some of them more active, some occasionally blogging) and 8,500 page views by 4,500 unique users coming from 124 countries.

We use our blog for presenting our work to the public, so you will posts about our solutions, our participation in events like Conferences & Workshops, project meetings etc., book reviews  We are also social, so you will find interviews not only with the AK team members but also with good friends and colleagues, with whom we collaborate in various occasions. Last but not least, the blog is a fine opportunity for anyone to be informed about the Agro-Know values, something that we are proud of. The AK blog covers topics related to food, agriculture, biodiversity, open/linked/big data in agriculture, metadata, open access, related initiatives etc. Each blog post is disseminated using the rest of the AK social media channels.




The Agro-Know blog is open to everyone so feel free to contact us in case you are interested in publishing your ideas and work through our blog!



Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels; in fact, it might be more popular in the domain that Agro-Know is activated. We like to tweet about news related to AK and what we are working on.We promote related news and events, share interesting information and sometimes we also use it during major events (e.g. RDA Plenary Meetings and CIARD/GODAN meeting) as a part of the news stream.

Out Twitter account is probably the most active social media channel, boasting more than 2,800 tweets and 320 followers.





Facebook page

Facebook is probably the most popular social media channel and it seems that most of the organizations, initiatives and projects that we are involved in has its own Facebook page (or account). We use the Facebook page for promoting news and events related to Agro-Know (but not limited to it), blog posts, news related to our themes and projects etc. We have recently launched an Agro-Know Facebook account that we currently use experimentally, in order to check its performance; feel free to contact us there, too!





This Google+ page is a relatively new channel for Agro-Know; we use it more or less for the same content published in the Facebook page (but aiming at those who do not use Facebook for any reason). Make sure to add us in your circles if you use Google+ ! We have recently launched an Agro-Know Google account that we currently use experimentally, in order to check its performance; feel free to contact us there, too!





Our “professional” channel, where we share information only related to AK, such as news, events and blog posts. No fun there, only promotion of news and events related to Agro-Know.




This is where we organize our photos from events that we attend and/or participate in. Photos are organized in folders per event and you can find information about each event in the description of the folder. Ideally after each team member’s trip we should get a number of photos from the event (meeting, conference etc.) which are then published with the appropriate description/metadata.






This is our oldest channel and has been our point of reference for quite a long time (before the AK website was published). We keep some interesting information there, such as),  info about the AK team, the extended version of the AK profile (work in progress) and other bits and pieces.





This is our newest addition and a rather “informal” account, used for sharing AK-related photos. It seems that it is getting some attention, especially from individuals and organizations that we have not reached through other means/channels! We also use it for promoting related events and our blog posts, among others.




We have a couple of Agro-Know accounts registered in other social media sites but they are not so frequently updated, so don’t be surprised if you see an Agro-Know account in other social media as well! However, we will be more than glad to meet you in any of the aforementioned sites, so please feel free to add us/like us/follow us and we will do the same!

As for the management and the evaluation of the effectiveness of these channels, this is a long story and include the use of different tools for extracting stats and analytics, that will have to be described in a series of future blog posts 🙂

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