The agINFRA Spanish Hackathon & MOOC on Data Science in Agriculture


A few months before its end, the agINFRA project is working hard on the exploitation of its outcomes and sharing of the experiences gained during the 3 years of the project. In this context, the University of Alcala (UAH) team as a consortium member and the coordinator of the project have organized two upcoming related events, aiming at the agricultural community:


1. HackGriculture: Joining science and agricultural data

HackGricultureHackGriculture is a hackathon organized in the context of the agINFRA project, in which a maximum of 10 projects will be created and developed, incorporating the use of open agricultural data with different intentions, and which will be facilitated by different tools ans services, and encouraging collaborative approaches. The prototype workshop will take place on December 12 & 13, 2014.

The deadline for proposals is October 19, 2014, so you need to hurry if you’re interested in joining the hackathon!

You can find more information at the website of the event, which also contains the form for submitting your proposal.




2. Free MOOC: Data Science in Agriculture

UAH_MOOCThis is an online free course offered in the context of the agINFRA project. The MOOC introduces the fundamentals of data science, using agriculture as the common thread. Concepts, tools, methods, processes, and data sources will be explored through lectures, readings, quizzes, and case study applications.

Main topics of this course will include:

  • The importance of data science;
  • Skills and roles of data scientists;
  • Data science tools and data sources;
  • How to identify and analyze case studies;
  • The outlook for data science

The course will run between 19/10 and 23/11/2014 and will be available in Spanish. It will be based on video, providing at the same time opportunities to interact with the instructor or students as it uses discussion forums.

The tutors are UAH team members, such as Prof. Miguel-Angel Sicilia and IERU researchers David Martin Moncunill, Alberto Nogales-Moyano and Juan Ruiz de Angulo. You can find more information about the course and register at the course’s website.


More similar events are expected by the agINFRA consortium in the next months, so stay tuned!

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