Reflections on my Agro-Know internship


From 16/07/14 to 16/10/14 I had the opportunity to work in Agro-Know as part of an internship program, working on information management of different types of data in the field of Food Science & Technology. Days have passed and the internship program is officially finished so it’s a good opportunity to share with you some first impressions and experiences I had the chance to gain so far.

Usually – if not always- the first day at the office can be a special (and a little bit awkward) day for a new member since it’s a new entry to a dynamic working team that has been already collaborating for a long time. I remember my first day at work and the feeling was a lot different from what described above. Bright smiles and friendly people came to introduce themselves and welcome me as part of the team. Not to mention my surprise about the AK office! It’s a warm and sunny working space that makes you feel comfortable.

These three months I worked close to many interesting and inspiring people that supported me every time I was needed. People in AK share enthusiasm and passion for their work, but at the same time in order to develop and learn, they are also enjoying a high degree of autonomy, responsibility and challenge. So a big opportunity to take responsibilities, develop and feel valued is rising!

During my internship, I was given the opportunity to work on many different and interesting tasks, most of them in the field of Food Science. Some of you may already have seen my presentation in the “Meet Lito Pateraki” blog post. In a few words, my core tasks were the identification and presentation of the representative personas of Food Safety sector and the development of canvases and reports about specific customer segments that we have focused on. I was also responsible for all the relative forms (preparation, updates, import information from interviews, etc.) and documents that were needed to complete this task. I also contributed to a deliverable and I participated in many training sessions and meetings. You can find my presentation of the internship program here



Now that the internship program has finished, I’ll continue working on the Food Safety theme and projects related to this, Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) etc. (only with more responsibilities and different team). Interesting? Yes! Challenging? Yes! But I can’t reveal anything more than this! At least for now! Ha! It’s going to be a challenging and fresh experience for me that’s for sure! Thank you all for the warm welcome in AK and this great opportunity. Stay tuned! Amazing things are going to happen!


  1. Well, this first blog post by Lito says a lot about the work that she’s been doing here for the last 3 months (and even more). She’s also the first of the several Agro-Know interns to share her experience openly (and I hope that the rest will follow soon!).

    Just to let you know that Lito has been working on more than she describes in her post – her involvement in the Ecotrophelia 2014 Competition is just one small example ( and I hope that she will keep blogging about her work and activities – the same goes for everyone in the Agro-Know team of course as everyone has interesting stories to share 🙂

  2. As being one of the persons who knew Lito even before comming in AK, it was a great pleasure seing that over the three months of her intership, she got involved in a number of tasks related to her interests and she quickly become part of the AK team, fitting both in the terms of work and in our culture.
    I was very happy to hear that she will be continuing working with us and especially working in the Food Safety area were I am also involved. As for Ecotrophelia (winner!) and her trip to Paris, I have no words to say … 😀


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