‘Mother Earth Inspiration’ Picture Contest!

AK Picture Contest

We, at Agro-Know, take our values seriously and honour them every chance we get; we even create events to honour our values because we love them so! One of the events you have read about in previous posts is the ‘Value of the Month’.

Each month, we choose to focus on one of our core values and playfully contemplate on it, strengthen it, honour it and ultimately – consciously – live by it.

For the month of November, ‘Mother Earth Inspiration’ was selected; according to this value

“Our work is not ‘just a job’. It serves a higher goal and is beyond making profit. We deal with pressing societal challenges and try to find solutions to the problems of this planet. We believe in a better future for ourselves and our children and work every day to deliver it.”

What is a playful way to meaningfully depict this value? A Picture Contest, of course!

Each and every Agro-Know’er was tasked to find, take, draw and/or edit a picture that according to them embodies our value. They all eagerly rose to the challenge and the result of their contributions is the collage you can see in the picture below; a collage made of pictures and quotes that embody ‘Mother Earth Inspiration’; a collage that will be decorating one of our walls from now on!

AK Picture Contest



The fun does not stop here! Since this is a contest, we will have ..a winner (!) , or a Value Ambassador, as we like to call those Agro-Know’ers who, according to their peers, have truly internalised  a value and act in ways that truly showcase that alignment between person and value.

So since yesterday, voting has started and the Value Ambassador will be announced on Friday November 14th, during our All-Hands Session. S/he will also receive a surprise gift! But, that’s all I can say! 🙂

As this post draws to a close, it gives way to another; one that contemplates how each of us can safeguard a better future on this planet for ourselves and our children by simple, mindful acts of everyday living. Stay tuned!


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