Will you be the godfather of our new agri-food data-powered solution?


This is a different blog post and I am going to skip my usual long introductions to the subject and lengthy analyses: We have an idea and we need your help!

What we have (so far)

We are in the process of designing a data-powered solution, based on our Data Framework. What we have currently working on is a tool that will help users to (almost automatically) get help on specific topics or have data-rich microsites built for them, including the following (but not limited to them):

  • Ask for consultancy on the implementation of a given Open Access Policy (and the design of an Open Access Implementation Plan;
  • Automatic creation of a research microsite;
  • Management of multiple microsites through a single administration panel;
  • Addition of relevant resources (from specified data sources) in an existing website.

As regards the creation of research microsites, the solution will allow various levels of customization of the automatically created microsite (with minimum input by the end user/applicant). You just select the data sources from a predefined list (or suggest a new one!) and after setting some basic parameters/customization options, then you will be presented with your brand new microsite! I wish I could share more info with you on that, but it is a top secret project…


This is only a teaser for the new Agro-Know data product ;-)

This is only a teaser for the new Agro-Know data product ;-)

What we are currently missing

The solution is currently in a development phase. We have several Agro-Know teams collaborating on the requirements, user interfaces, workflows and other aspects of the process; however, what we still lack is the name of this new data-powered product: we strive to propose something interesting but so far it seems that we have ran out of creativity…

How can you help us?

We need your creative minds to help us with naming this product: The name could be something relevant with the functionalities of this new solution or, on the other hand, something totally irrelevant but catchy/sexy! As long as you have an idea (and in some case a justification would also be helpful – why did you end up with this name), you can leave it below as a comment. We would prefer a name whose .com domain is not registered (for branding purposes), but we may find some ways to overcome this restriction – you are also free to propose an appropriate domain for the name you propose, too.



Created using http://memegenerator.net/

What will you get out of it?

First of all, our eternal gratitude! We will always mention you as the “godfather” of our product. In addition, you will be featured in the Agro-Know blog through an interview (we like to interview people!) through which you will be invited to present yourself, your work and anything else that you would like. You will also be listed in the list of contributors of this new product. Last but not least, next time that we will visit your place, there will be a couple of rounds of beers/drinks on us so that we can get to know you better!

Is there a deadline for that?

Yeap, there’s a catch here; since we are running out of time and we need to have a name for our new “baby”, we would like to receive your suggestions before or by Monday 15/12/2014 the latest! After that we will not be able to accept any more suggestions.

What if you don’t feel so creative?

Well, in this case we may help you buy listing some of the ideas that we came up with during these days; you can help us by voting for one (or two of them) using the poll right below – you may also get some inspiration and propose some related names (not already listed below):


What would be the best name for the new Agro-Know data powered product? (two votes max!)


You are also invited to leave your feedback (e.g. proposals of names not listed) right below, in the form of a comment to this post. Thank you in advance for your help!

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