Global Food Safety Partnership 3rd Annual Conference


GFSP_LogoThe 3rd Annual Conference of the Global Food Safety Partnership is taking place between 8 – 12 December 2014 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), Cape Town, South Africa. It will consist of various information sharing sessions and bilateral meetings that will allow the GFSP partners to exchange ideas and updates on the food safety sector. More focused discussions will take place in the context of Working Group meetings and the Round Table meetings that are expected to summarize the discussions that will take place over the previous days.

Agro-Know CEO Nikos Manouselis is participating in the Conference on behalf of Agro-Know and he is expected to contribute not only to the Database Subgroup and the Knowledge & Learning Systems Group of GFSP (to which Agro-Know is an active contributor) but also to propose the Agro-Know data-powered solutions that will benefit GFSP.


Lovely infographic describing the GFSP concept (taken from

Lovely infographic describing the GFSP concept (taken from


In fact, Agro-Know has already worked on the development of a data-powered solution for GFSP; it is the GFSP demonstrator, an open source platform  built in order to meet the capacity building requirements of the GFSP community. This demonstrator is a work in progress, as the Agro-Know team is constantly working on the implementation of new functionalities and the integration of content from new data (and metadata) sources. The demonstrator is powered by the Agro-Know Data Framework, an open and scalable system that aggregates data from various data sources and includes tools that may be used for the storage, organisation, curation, enrichment, analysis, exposure & discovery of data. It is is an end-to-end, modular platform taking advantage of big data technologies and open APIs to offer a variety of meaningful data services.



The GFSP demonstrator, developed by Agro-Know and powered by the Agro-Know Data Framework



You can find more information about the 3rd Annual Conference of GFSP at the Conference Website and follow the discussions and updates using the hashtag GFSP2014 in Twitter.


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