Agro-Know discusses Information & Data Management at the workshop


It all started with an invitation….

About one month ago we received a kind invitation from our, regarding our participation in a training session on Data and Information Management, a domain that Agro-Know knows pretty well and has significant experience in. We were glad to accept the invitation and in the meantime we started planning our participation and contribution to the specific session. Lito Pateraki, our Food Safety Specialist, was the one representing Agro-Know and with contributions from the rest of the Agro-Know team, she started organizing things.


A few words about is a business incubation program for startup companies operating in Greece. It is really active in providing the participating startups with education that will enable them to create scalable business models that have a sustainable impact on the environment and society. There have been some discussions between Agro-Know and in the previous months, aiming to find a model for collaboration between the two organizations. was founded by three really interesting initiatives: Organization Earth, Elculture and K2 (a foundation currently in stealth mode) and is supported by a strong team of supporters as well as a large team of members and volunteers. This would be a great opportunity to remind everyone of the great work that Organization Earth is doing regarding environmental education and how happy we were to have the opportunity to visit their premises some months ago (even when we visited them in non-working hours – the environment was really something!).


Our contribution to the Workshop

Lito decided that the best way to discuss about Data and Information Management was to present real case studies and working prototypes, showing to the audience of the training how data and information in the agri-food context can be retrieved from various sources, organized and managed before they are presented to the end users of a user-friendly interface. In this context, the presentation focused on the Agro-Know experience (and more specifically Lito’s, as she was also the one more actively involved in that) from a demonstrator built in order to serve the needs of researchers, educators and other types of stakeholders involved in the food safety sector. Her presentation consisted of three major sections (plus a hands-on session):

  1. Identifying and collecting agri-food information and data (identification of the requirements for the development of a data-powered demonstrator);
  2. Using the requirements for building the demonstrator;
  3. Organization and publication of this data through the demonstrator (actual use of the demonstrator)



The case presented was the GFSP demonstrator that is powered by the Agro-Know Data Framework and integrates the SemaGrow components and serves the Global Food Safety Partnership community (and more specifically its food safety capacity building needs). The participants had the opportunity to see more of the demonstrator, following a scenario that Lito had prepared, in the context of a hands-on session that was the last part of Agro-Know’s contribution to the training. Despite some internet connection issues which prevented some of the users from accessing the GFSP demonstrator, the session managed to provide participants with a better view of this solution.



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