Agro-Know December All-Hands Session & Christmas party – 2014 edition


AK_logo_XmasFollowing the Agro-Know tradition, December is the month where the last Agro-Know All-Hands session for the year takes place but this time the session is followed by the Agro-Know Christmas party!  It was also one month But let’s take things from the beginning:

The last All-Hands session for 2014 started at about 12.00; even though we missed some people from our team (due to them being on annual leaves) we had pretty high participation. It included presentations from the Agro-Know Execs, on topics including the Agro-Know Vision & Mission, the Agro-Know Values, Strategy for 2015, Discussion on the Goals and Metrics for 2015 etc. It also included an interactive session, where the participants were split in groups of 4-5 people and we had a short brainstorming session on the application of the new metrics in our work. Last but not least, there was another interactive group session, where we had the opportunity to play a nice and simple game and exchange of Christmas gifts!


Agro-Know CEO Nikos Manouselis starts the December All-Hands Session




Presenting the outcomes of the group sessions


Then it was the time for the party! It was more calm compared to the ones of previous years (no loud music and family members this time) but still it was a nice opportunity for informal discussions (even though they tended to get back to work matters), relaxing in the office and having nice, home-made snacks (both sweet and savory) prepared by colleagues, combined with beer, wine and other beverages; all these under a low light – a totally different application of the same workspace that we use daily for delivering our work.


During the party


We all enjoy some casual time with our colleagues – since we spend so much time daily working together and communicating, we seek for opportunities like that – let alone celebrating one year’s achievements. We will all manage to get some rest and family time during the upcoming Christmas break, before we start the new year in full power!

You can find some additional photos from the event in our Instagram account.

P.S. Just one day before these events, we got this nice reminder from SumAll in our Facebook page; it was almost one year ago when we organized the same sessions for 2013!



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