Agro-Know celebrates the new year – 2015 edition

...and this is how a lucky coin looks like :-)

One of the Greek New Year’s traditions is for families to gather and celebrate the new year by sharing pieces/slices of a sweet cake, called the New Year’s pie (I am sure that this tradition exists in several other countries as well, with some variations maybe). What makes this cake special is the fact that it contains a lucky coin and guess what? The one who finds it in his/her piece, is supposed to have luck throughout the year (at least more luck than the rest)!

As the new year is dynamically here, we managed to gather at the Agro-Know offices yesterday with only a couple of (justified) absences and arranged a mini party to celebrate the occasion and see who is going to be the lucky one this year (as well as find some time for informal discussions). Athina took over the hard part of slicing the cake and ensuring that everyone will get an equal piece.


Athina is making sure that everyone gets a piece of the cake


After some eating and scavenging through our pieces, it was Effie who found the lucky coin in her piece! We wish her all the best for the new year, as she surely deserves another great year in Agro-Know!


Effie was the lucky one this year!


The coin is always combined with a form of a gift (which is to be announced soon); in any case, you have the special feeling of luck being with you for a whole year, which is really something!


...and this is how a lucky coin looks like :-)

…and this is how a lucky coin looks like :-)


Happy New Year everyone! May the new year bring health, wealth and prosperity to all of you 🙂


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