Reflections on my internship in Agro-Know


The moment I wrote this post, I have already been a member of Agro-Know family for 7 months, the first three of them, part of the Agro-Know internship program. This post was supposed to be written long time ago (it had to be about the reflections on my internship!) but the heavy workload and many tasks that were running didn’t let me to. To be honest, an unofficial reason for which I postponed to write this post, is that I couldn’t decide from where to start and which are the main reasons that I love to work for Agro-Know – there are a lot.

It was at the beginning of summer 2014 when I started working in Agro-Know as a part of internship program, in the Admin Department, Office Management Team.  The first thing that impressed me when I visited Agro-Know and started working there, was the people. From the very first moment, they welcomed me and made me feel like being home. The environment of the office is helping on that – you see the headquarters’ office is actually a big and warm house which has been modified into a cozy working space – it has even a fireplace which haven’t been used by us yet, but you never know!

The start-up atmosphere is still present in Agro-Know. People share enthusiasm and passion for their work. One of the main principles that describe the way we all work in Agro-Know is the autonomy. We are enjoying full responsibility and challenge on our work. That makes anyone of us important as a unit and every single action is meaningful for the company. I could tell for sure, that the key for a successful cooperation into Agro-Know, is that we consider its one of us not only a colleague but a friend as well, and it usually leads to fruitful results concerning the main activities of the company.

Except of the warmth of the people I met here, it is important the support and the inspiration they gave me as new-comer. I have to mention that during my internship, I made my first presentation regarding a project, and the encouragement and applause that I was given  for that first effort of mine was precious.


During one of these presentations


The word  “team” has also a very important meaning in Agro-Know. Once a month we organize our “All-Hands session” and the members of all the departments reunite in the main office, discussing about the previous month’s results, presenting the achievements and the goals for next month and having a clear view of every aspect concerning company’s condition and next steps. What’s more, usually after those “professional” meetings, we hang out at our “steki”, a beer house close to the office. Those moments, we are only friends that having fun and forget the work.



One of those times in our “steki”


The internship program has finished and I am working in Agro-Know as an Αdministrative assistant for 4 months already. During my internship I had the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks regarding the Administration sector. I had a wide range of responsibilities which have been enriched and right now I am involved in many more, like travel management (trips are a standard part of Project Managers’ work), office management, assisting in the administrative part of project management (prepare financial reports of projects). I personally have experienced 7 amazing months in Agro-Know and I believe that the best have yet to come!

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