Agro-Know joins the GODAN Workshop


GODANThe GODAN workshop, titled “Creating Impact with Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition“, will take place at Wageningen, Netherlands, between 19-20 of January 2015. The workshop is organised by the Open Data Institute in the UK in collaboration with the Dutch research institute Alterra and takes place in the premises of Wageningen University and Research Centre. The Workshop is hosted by the Dutch Government (Ministry of Economic Affairs) and is open to a broader public.

The Workshop will build on the 1st Global Consultation on Open Agricultural Knowledge for Development, which was held in Rome, Italy between 22-24 of April, 2014 and was a joint effort between two large networks activated in the same context; GODAN and CIARD (see our report here). The workshop aims to bring together a wide variety of stakeholders from both public and private sectors, engaging organisations at national, international and global level, such as governmental organizations, private businesses, individual consultants as well as universities, research organisations and NGOs activated in the field of agriculture, food and nutrition (focusing on those dealing with related data).

The program of the Workshop is based around thematic sessions, during which participants will be encouraged to present and share their views, practices, success stories/failures and business cases on how to bring the power of open data to impact, while plenary sessions will allow everyone to reflect on the outcomes of the former sessions and help shape the strategic challenges and future of  GODAN based on open discussions and collaborative work.

The workshop will be followed by a 2015 GODAN partners conference which will take place between 20-21 of January 2015, and is restricted to GODAN partners only.

Agro-Know is constantly working on opening up and adding value to agrifood data from quality, heterogeneous sources and is a proud member of several networks and initiatives related to agri-food & agro-biodiversity data (including GODAN, among others). In this context, our CEO Nikos Manouselis and our Customer Relations Manager Charalampos Thanopoulos are on their way to the GODAN Workshop and since Agro-Know is one of the first GODAN partners, so they will also be able to attend the GODAN partners’ meeting and help shape the future of GODAN and its next activities 🙂

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