Agro-Know in GODAN 2015 Workshop & Future Food Hack


GODANGODAN (The Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition) is an initiative which, as its name states pretty clearly, fosters global actions that create and share agricultural and nutritional open data. From its birth at the Open Government Partnership Summit, on October 2013, GODAN has undertaken the quest of formulating a “high- level” policy on open data. Being a mediator between current agriculture and open data activities, it has become a rally point for stake holders to gather and puzzle out long standing global problems. The realization that the absence of international policies and openness of data diminishes the effectiveness of research and innovation, prompted GODAN to generate a shared agenda with the intention to “increase the supply, quality and interoperability of data”.

FutureFoodHack2015One of the actions taken towards this objective is the launching of Future Food Hack, i.e. an international hackathon located at Wageningen, the Netherlands, and collocated with the main GODAN Workshop titled “Creating Impact With Open Data In Agriculture and Nutrition”. The Future Food Hack invites people from different disciplines, namely coders, business developers, designers, experts and scientists, to cooperate and work on data. The hackathon focuses on undertaking specific challenges in order to bridge the gap between the data supply, which stems from high end statistics and satellites, and the information that small holder farmers need. Agro-Know’s contribution to the hackathon is the collection of the datasources for the food safety challenge, based on a couple of agINFRA-powered APIs as well as a SemaGrow custom API; this is according to the ongoing work that we are doing with the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) and the SemaGrow-powered GFSP demonstrator.



Since Agro-Know shares the same anxieties and values with GODAN, we became one of the first partners who joined the initiative. Agro-Know is ceaselessly thriving on opening up and adding value to agrifood data, striving this way – amongst other things – to establish a future where society can enjoy safer food. As we speak our CEO Nikos Manouselis and our Customer Relations Manager Charalampos Thanopoulos are participating both in the GODAN Workshop and the Future Food Hackathon. Specifically, Charalampos gave a presentation on a new agro-food open data-powered product that Agro-Know is currently working on and aims to offer a solution that provides a customizable dissemination gateway to agri-food research information.

We are proud to be part of this great event which promotes the need for openness on data through a collaborative and collective action and we expect that there will be opportunities for Agro-Know to reinforce the agri-food open-data movement.


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