Agro-Know ready for full throttle

"This is Ground Control to Major Tom"

“This is Ground Control to Major Tom”

I still remember January 2011 when I was looking at a large office with empty desks and only a couple of people working, wondering how this would look like if it ever got full with people. This time has come and already gone: the Agro-Know office at Grammou 17 is now packed, alive and vivid! For a couple of months now, finding some free working space at the Grammou office was quite an adventure, and the meeting rooms (formal and informal) have been always occupied and (looking) very busy. We tried to use some shared co-working facilities until we got a better feeling of whether the team headcount would stabilize, but this was quite difficult and not-so-productive. The signs of the time were evident: we needed to expand.

From a different perspective, I do have the feeling that people just wanted to get me out of their way: since everyone seemed to be very open to the idea of me being the one to move out 🙂 Being an ultra-meticulous personality, I think that I kept on making the life of the Agro-Know’ers difficult, having an opinion (and very often, a quite mistaken one) about everything.

Thus, we discussed about this for a little while with Giannis and then decided to find a nice office space near the main Agro-Know premises that we would use as our management headquarters. Dimitra did her magic and after a while the new office was found, arranged and with some furniture and utilities in place.

We still have lots of the basics to figure out in the new office space, but evolving from a quarter deck to a spacecraft bridge should not be far far away…

“Welcome on board Dr. Spock”

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