Agro-Know joins FREME’s kick-off meeting


The kickoff meeting of the FREME “Open Framework of E-Services for Multilingual and Semantic Enrichment of Digital Content” project,  will take place at Berlin, Germany, between 5-6 of February 2015. FREME is a project co-funded by the EC under the H2020 Framework Programme for Research & Innovation and its activities are steered towards the creation of an open innovative commercial-grade framework of the e services for multilingual and semantic enrichment of digital content. The choice of the project’s acronym is not out of chance since “freme” means “advantage, gain, benefit” in Old English. Therefore, FREME will endow digital content managers with the advantages and benefits which brings to the market. Having as a focus the domains of Agriculture and food safety, Arts, Economics, Industries and Technology, Politics and Administration, FREME will provide its innovative services by striving to achieve the following objectives:

  • Innovation in content and data value chains
  • Integration and transfer of technologies
  • Validation within real world business cases
  • Innovation in business models and growth of business
  • Extension of job profiles and facilitating acquisition of new skills

FREME_LogoIn this context, our Chief Operations Officer, Giannis Stoitsis, and our Project Manager, Andreas Drakos, are on their way to the kickoff meeting. Agro-Know’s roles, as described at the project’s Technical Annex, will be the following: We will be steering the enhancement of the cross language sharing and access to open agricultural and food data business care. We will also contribute to the validation of FREME objectives by using public sector information and users from governmental organizations and individuals interested in societal challenges. Finally, in order to address the first and forth objective we are tasked to establish new cross-lingual data value chains and help to grow Agro-Know’s business across borders and languages respectively. As soon as the partners discuss during the kick-off meeting, a fine-tuning in the expected work will take place, leading to more specific actions with concrete outcomes.

Agro-Know, though, is not the sole actor in this project. FREME consists of a team of esteemed collaborators with who we are proud to work with. The following table includes project’s consortium along with the partner’s expertise.





Research in language technologies, standardization & integration of language technologies into core Web technologies


Multilingual and multimodal digital content management technologies (e.g. machine translation, terminology services), providing both R&D and leading market solutions for the Baltic languages.


ICT innovation with a focus on multidisciplinary projects, with a long-term experience in using & contributing to standardized Web technologies.


Knowledge management in the domain of agriculture and food safety. Providing solutions for organizations and decision makers to address societal and environmental challenges.


Personalized content recommendations based on Web content enrichment.


Translation and localization in a variety of domains (software testing, documentation etc.) and with high language coverage.


Innovation in the area of linked data technologies, providing core data sets, leading relevant communities (DBpedia) and providing standardization bridging linked data and NLP applications


Development of business models for public and open data sets, with a focus on internet economics and both public and private sector based monetization.

More information on the FREME project is expected to be available soon, so keep an eye on our blog! In the meantime, you can join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #FREMEH2020 🙂

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