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It has only been two months since I started my internship here at Agro-Know and I have already realized how important, as a communicational tool, the company’s blog is. One of the jobs that I am in charge of is to evaluate the progress that Agro-Know’s blog is making in terms of the outreach and dynamic that it has within the community. After some consideration, we decided to externalize a part of this process and let our audience to get a sneak peek at some of the results of our evaluation. Hence, the following infographic illustrates a comparison between specific metrics of the first and second half of 2014, offering this way a good overview of our blog’s progress.

Infographic Agro-Know Blog - Comparison 1st & 2nd half of 2014

One of the parameters that we were examining was whether Agro-Know’s social media are becoming a stable channel through which people are visiting our blog. Having already an idea of the great work that Vassilis has done on our social media, it was not surprising that all of our main social media profiles, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (you can check out the full list of our social media arsenal here), are increasingly attracting more and more people towards the blog. Attracting people to our blog, though, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually satisfied with what they are reading. I was happy to discover that our bounce rate is decreasing, which means that our audience is spending more time on our blog than before, and that our page views are increasing, which means that our users are engaging more with the blog’s articles. This was the outcome of the carefully chosen topics to be posted, along with the well written-presented content from our editors team. Overall, the metrics showed an increase of almost 25% on the number of users visiting our blog which explains the rise of the number of both new and total sessions.

The figures are speaking for themselves thus there is no doubt that the blog has increased its outreach and dynamics. Therefore, we would like to thank our editor’s for the time and effort that they are putting on writing interesting posts of great quality. We would also like to promise our audience that we will keep up the good job and that they should be expecting from us some more insights on the blog’s progress in the future.

Thank you all for reading our articles 🙂

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