AGRIS Strategy Meeting Day One: 09/03/2015

Photo from the AGRIS Strategy Meeting

Today I had the pleasure to finally meet Dr. Sun Wei and Dr. Xiang Guojian, both researchers from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), two very kind personalities and warm people. I also had the chance to get to know better Fabrizio Celli from UN FAO. The purpose of our gathering was to define the scope of our daily meetings  for the rest of the week, to collaborate and join our forces for a common goal which is to evolve the AGRIS Network and create effective services according to our users needs and offer more structured, simplified and professional procedures for AGRIS users and content providers.

At our first meeting  we focused more on some ideas Agro-Know’ s Data Curation Unit has on communication and data ingestion procedures. We presented  the New AGRIS Customer Service powered by the Agro-Know Stem. The idea is to provide for the content providers a more helpful, obvious and professional path for their registration in AGRIS Network, a faster, secure and accurate publication of their bibliographic metadata and a well organized AGRIS HelpDesk for any question or clarification may occur. Soon we will share more about AGRIS new workflows and guidelines will be provided. For any questions though AGRIS Data Processing Unit by Agro-Know will be always reachable at to answer them as soon as possible.

The inspiration for the new ideas were the results of the e-consultation’ s answers that many persons kindly shared with us through the online survey we created. As you will see the next days focus on the needs users have from the front end and back end of AGRIS platform. In the next few days a blog post by Elena Kokoliou will be shared about the outcomes of the AGRIS e-consultation as well. We would like to thank all the people who offered their time to contribute to AGRIS by sending us this valuable feedback, without your opinion we wouldn’t  have managed to come as far as we did in these few months. Don’t hesitate to inform us about any issue or idea you may have about making AGRIS Network better.  We are glad to be supported by energetic and dynamic contributors as AGRIS content providers.

Photo from the AGRIS Strategy Meeting

Tuesday is dedicated for our tech teams to discuss about the front end of AGRIS platform : the user registration and the architecture of a personal catalogue. Two strong outcomes from the AGRIS e-consultation. Also this day was decided to hold interesting activities for bonding the teams as persons and strengthen our communication for a more effective and organized collaboration between us. We hope the weather in Athens will allow us to take some pictures to share with you too.

Cannot wait for tomorrow…

Patrycja W. Wosiecka | Data Curation Assistant

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