AGRIS Strategy Meeting Days 2 and 3


Tuesday 10/03/2015 and Wednesday 11/03/2015  at Agro-Know Offices

Tuesday and Wednesday were two days full of tech discussions. Our AGRIS’ Teams from UN FAO, CAAS and Agro-Know, gathered to share ideas and resolve some issues concerning the AGRIS web platform.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to what users need from the AGRIS interface. Many users expressed (in AGRIS survey) the desire to keep track of the records they search and retrieve, it is easier to search in an oriented area of personally stored information than to do the process of searching from scratch, every time information is needed to be recalled. Some of the solutions that were analyzed are the user’s registration and a personal catalogue which will give  the possibility to users to save and filter the records they need. With a lot of hard work this may be accomplished within 2015.

AGRIS meeting family photo

Family photo just before the end of the meeting!

The third day of the meeting was dedicated to the back end infrastructure and the performance of  AGRIS web platform. One of the goals is load balancing at each geographical region and DNS balancing at the global level, to improve AGRIS web platform’ s  speed. An important change is also to be made, it is one metadata schema based on the AGRIS RDF (with URIs).

During these two days many important decisions were made that we soon hope to have the chance to share them with you, with all the technical terms explained and the improvement results. Until then, more posts will follow about the AGRIS Strategy Meeting in Athens.

Patrycja W. Wosiecka | Data Curation Assistant

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