SemaGrow and the business case of Agro-Know


SemaGrowSemaGrow is a European three-years FP7 project with the objective to discover possibilities to handle big data in agriculture. The SemaGrow consortium seeks to develop techniques for distributed Web queries, data and metadata mapping as well as methodologies for scaling up to extremely large data volumes and real time performances. The project outcomes will help innovative SMEs like Agro-Know and other organizations consuming (e.g. organizing, processing, visualizing) agricultural data to have better access to a very large volume of data and develop sustainable services and tools using this data to offer them to the community. This will improve decision making of agricultural researchers, information officers, researchers and educators by providing them access to timely and accurate information/data.

Agro-Know will provide to the identified communities a real product offering based on the agINFRA-powered Agro-Know Stem, including both a SemaGrow powered technological solution and customized services. An example of potential stakeholders in the community that make advantage of such product are individual researchers and research organizations like the beneficiaries of Horizon 2020 programme (and the CGIAR centers, among others, at a later stage) and that will be supported in their effort to open their data as dictated by emerging Open Access (OA) mandates and EC funding rules (e.g. Article 29.2 of the Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement).

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At this point, the Agro-Know Stem provides two services that may prove to be extremely useful for those that aim to submit a research proposal under the Horizon 2020 framework:

  1. Find out in 5′ what you need to become compliant: A checklist that guides proposers through the requirements regarding open access and open data, based on the specific call that the proposal is aimed at.
  2. Get in 10′ a description that you can directly use in your proposal: Based on the feedback received by the user regarding the type of the specific proposal, Agro-Know Stem provides him/her with a ready-to-use text describing the Data Management Plan (which is mandatory for specific environment calls, like the upcoming ones on Water Innovation, Waste and Low Carbon Economy – with a deadline on 21/4/2015) for their proposal – free of charge!


These services are available to anyone interested in submitting an Horizon 2020 proposal, while new services (aiming at existing Horizon 2020 projects) will be eventually added as the Agro-Know Stem team is already working on them. These will be enriched in the near future by additional, (meta)data-based services that will make use of the grid- and cloud-based outcomes of EU research projects like SemaGrow and agINFRA.

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