The 146th EAAE (European Association of Agricultural Economists) Seminar


EAAE_logoThe 146th EAAE (European Association of Agricultural Economists) Seminar,  titled “Technology transfer as a driver of innovative entrepreneurship in agriculture and the agri-food industry” will take place between 15 – 16 of July 2015 at Chania, Crete, Greece. This year it is organized by the Agricultural University of Athens and hosted by the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh).

The conference focuses on technology transfer enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector and subsequent impact in the supply chain. This may involve either the formal transaction of innovative products and processes or informal exchange of ideas between the aforementioned stakeholders.


This event draw our attention, so we responded to the Call for Papers (the deadline of which ended on 10/3/2015) – we submitted an extended abstract on the current issue of open access to research outcomes, which significantly enhances the exchange of knowledge and information between not only searchers/academia and scholars in general but also between researchers and various types of end users including practitioners.

To this end, we described the features of our new product, Agro-Know Stem, which aims to provide support to those who are preparing a proposal to be funded by Horizon 20202  as well as those who are already managing a H2020 research project regarding the study, description and implementation of an Open Access policy (such as the one defined by the Horizon 2020 programme). Last but not least, we described the case of the people responsible for the management of agricultural knowledge (Knowledge Managers) who may have the responsibility to implement on Open Access policy in the case of their organizations/institutions.

We expect to receive feedback on the status of our submission by the end of this month; if our abstract gets accepted, we may have the opportunity to travel to beautiful Chania and attend the Conference. This will also allow us to get in touch with a research community consisting of agricultural economists, a community that we do not get to meet often.

You can find more information at the event’s website.

About EAAE: 

The European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) brings together agricultural economists and others interested in the problems of the agricultural and food industries and rural development in Europe. The main objectives of the Association are:

(a) the furtherance of knowledge and understanding of agricultural economics, especially in the European context;

(b) the exchange of experience, ideas and information between agricultural economists.

The principal activities of the Association include the holding of a triennial Congress on a general theme, the organization of seminars devoted to more specific subjects as well as organizing a PhD training workshop for PhD students every two years.

You can find more information on the EAAE website.

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