Agro-Know at the CLORA Thematic Day on “Open Access to Research Data“

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CLORA network logoCLORA (Club des Organismes de Recherche Associés) is a network of French research organizations, such as public research centres and universities. It has been set up to facilitate the actions of the French public research stakeholders towards the EU institutions, in the fields of research, technology, innovation and training. The network aims at enabling a better understanding of the EU programmes and policies in which its members have an interest. In this context, the CLORA website can be used as a portal to a whole range of relevant information sources in the areas of research, technology, innovation and training.

On the 24th of March 2015, the CLORA network organizes a thematic day on “Open Access to research data“. The event will facilitate discussions on the sensitive issue of open access to research data, covering different aspects, such as ownership, security, persistence and curation, ethics, integrity, validation, coding and interoperability, regarding research/scientific publications. The event will include a session on research data accessibility for the benefit of the societal challenges (as defined by the H2020 Programme, Pillar 3). The aim of the event is to present the current status, identify existing issues and propose solutions based on the participants’ experiences – taking into consideration the Open Science elements of the European Commission and its implications in the Horizon 2020 Programme (PDF).

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From our team, Effie and Maritina (both actively involved in activities related to open access to research outcomes) will travel to Brussels tomorrow in order to attend the event. Their participation will include a presentation on understanding the requirements of the agri-food research community in terms of Open Access to research outcomes, as one of the Big Data Europe project activities. In addition, through the promotion of a short questionnaire, they aim to actually collect feedback on these requirements from the participants, in order to better understand their needs in terms of Open Access and propose solutions that will actually solve their issues related to Open Access to research data, something that Agro-Know is already working on.

You can find more information on the event’s web page.

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