Getting ready for the 3rd (and final) agINFRA review meeting!


agINFRA_logoThe 3rd and final review meeting of our agINFRA FP7 project is taking place today (in about 30 minutes, to be precise), at one of the European Commission buildings, in Brussels, Belgium. The project partners had the opportunity to meet yesterday at the lovely premises of the Innovation & Incubation Center of the University of Leuven (I&I Leuven), just outside Brussels, and work collaboratively on the presentation & technical demo to be presented today before the Project Officer and the Reviewers. As usually, the presentation will include the progress of all Work Packages throughout the lifetime of the project, the major achievements as well as a demo which will show the use of the agINFRA services and solutions by end users.

Agro-Know is represented to the meeting by its CEO, Nikos Manouselis.


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The project started back in October 2011 and has worked on enhancing the interoperability of the available (but disperse) agricultural data sources both at a technical and a content level; it has provided a number of cloud- and grid-based services, along with a linked agricultural data layer and a unique metadata model that enhances the metadata aggregation workflows. The project’s outcomes are already integrated & visible in CIARD RING and the AGRIS  network (among others), but thanks to a sustainability plan to be presented today, agINFRA will further facilitate the connection of Agricultural Data through an Open and Participatory Data Infrastructure that will remain sustainable even after the end of the project.

We are looking forward to receiving updates on the outcomes of this important review meeting, so stay tuned for more info!

@aginfra final review meeting is about to start @agroknow

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