Goodbye to my Agro-Know family

Almost one month ago I took a very difficult decision of moving out of Agro-Know and pursue my professional career elsewhere. After two years being part of the team, I now believe that I have fulfilled my circle in the company and is time to move on. But throughout the month, I was thinking on how much I would miss the company.

It all started two years ago when on April first 2013 (yes, on the April Fool’s day) I joined the company for the first time. As time was passing, I was more and more connected with the people here, actually living one of our values, being part of a “family”.

Happy Years in Agro-Know

A lot of memories where created these years, working together with all the people here, traveling around the world, participating in events and of course having fun (and going out for beers) with the all the team.

After two years I leave behind not only a great company and a great work but most importantly great friends!

I will miss working in Agro-Know. I have high hopes for the future of the company and I hope in the future our roads will cross again (definitely for afternoon beers 😀 ).

As the message left by dolphins (when departing Planet Earth just before it was demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass):

“So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”

– Andreas –

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