Short report on the CLORA thematic day on Open Access to Research Data


CLORA network logoOn March 24th 2015, in Brussels, the CLORA network organized a thematic day on “Open Access to research data” and as you no doubt have guessed, Agro-Know was there, together with more than 40 participants from different French institutions and universities.

Representing the Big Data Europe H2020 project together with our colleague Phil Archer, we had our very own 45 minutes of the audience’s absolute attention, with the presentation “Big Data Europe: Understanding the requirements of the agri-food community“.


Phil presented in a clear way what the Big Data Europe project in general is all about, and then Effie took the stand in order to explain and help the audience understand which are the difficulties that research project managers and knowledge managers encounter when working in EU-funded projects in terms of Open Access and research outcomes, specifically in the agri-food community.

But a presentation alone couldn’t possibly provide us with enough feedback, so our session was more of an interactive one. At the same time of our presentation, we were handing out two questionnaires for the participants to fill and therefore, provide us with all the information we needed. The participants were more than happy to answer the questions we had prepared for them and this led to a few more interesting discussions at the end of the thematic day and during the round table (or better “la table ronde”, since it was done in French, which only gave us the excuse we were looking for in order to freshen up our French!).

We would like to thank Jean-Francois Masset and the whole CLORA team in Brussels for their warm welcome and the opportunity to present the Big Data Europe project.

Until the next CLORA event!

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