Big Data Europe Workshop in Vienna

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Big Data Europe project logoThe members of the 7 societal challenges of the Big Data Europe Project gathered in Vienna on April 1st, 2015 to communicate their next steps in terms of requirements elicitation and workshops’ planning. Agro-Know in a joint partnership with the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is responsible for the societal challenge of “Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research, and the Bioeconomy” and went to Vienna to present the requirements elicitation methodology and also discuss with other consortium members the next steps of this promising project.

A good meeting starts from the night before!

Our Vienna-based partner Semantic Web Company arranged a welcome-networking dinner at the beautiful place called CORBACI in Museumplatz ( a place full of art in the city center). There, we had the chance to meet with other workshop attendants and enjoy a wonderful meal under a beautifully decorated ceiling. During this delicious dinner, we had long discussions on the open data movement in Europe and also how open data apply in every sector. (Data is everywhere!)

The beautiful Corbaci ceiling. (photo courtesy of Esned N.,

New month-new big data ideas!

The Vienna workshop (also called as “workshop of the workshops”) was organized, so as every project partners communicates to the rest of the team the way his/her organisation is going to collect user requirements for the platform that our technical project partners are going to implement in the future. We presented our methodology to elicit requirements from different personas in multiple ways. Our team has built up a multidimensional mechanism through which we are going to bring together all the needs of the agri-food institutions and research project coordinators from the European Union and especially the Horizon 2020 projects that will create large amounts of data. Also a set of parallel workshops will be organized in the future, in order to bring together all agri-food stakeholders, that are going to provide us their useful Big Data requirements.

Ivana from CESSDA ( presenting key expected requirements for their societal challenge.

Agro-Know will have the opportunity to connect with the agri-food persona representatives  through the revamped agINFRA website (to be announced and publicly available soon) and map all agri-food data initiatives, Horizon 2020 projects and all involved parties. Consequently, a mind map will be created in order to depict the complexibility and the interactions of different big agri-food data institutes, research centers and projects. In the next weeks we will release the landing page of this Big Data Europe mapping exercise so if you or your organization participate in an Horizon 2020 agri-food research project, expect some updates in Agro-Know’s social media!

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