Kick-off meeting of the Organic-AgriWare project

Organic-AgriWare kick-off meeting

On Wednesday 15th of April, Agro-Know hosted in Athens the kick-off meeting of the Organic-AgriWare project. Representatives from both ICROFS (Mrs. Ilse Ankjær Rasmussen and Dr. Allan Leck Jensen) and SEGES (Mr. Tomas Nørfelt) joined the meeting, which took place in AK’s headquarters in Athens, Greece.

The objectives of the meeting were to discuss about the expected project’s outcomes, to decide the targeted users and potential customers and to explore the problem and solution validation methodology. Consequently, important milestones have been highlighted and clear deadlines were set, also in accordance with the nature of the project, which is divided in three phases.

Organic-AgriWare kick-off meeting

Organic-AgriWare kick-off meeting

In the beginning of the meeting, each participant presented their organization and their role in Organic-AgriWare. During the following sessions, participants agreed in the targeted personas (researchers, advisors and farmers) as well as in the way that the gathering of requirements (problem/solution validation) will be fulfilled. In addition to the online questionnaire, two visits of the Agro-Know team in Denmark in early May and late June were decided. The aim of these visits will be to conduct face-to-face interviews about the validation of features required in order to prepare the first prototype.

An important milestone for the success of the project is the “Danish Organic Congress 2015” where farmers, advisors, policy makers and researchers will discuss about the future of Danish organic farming. The event will take place in Denmark in 25-26 November and all participants agreed that it is of great importance since it will be a great opportunity for the pilot trials of the prototype.

Finally, moving to the end of the kick-off meeting, participants discussed about some technical issues and brainstormed about the possible “image” of the final product. The final outcome of the project will be a responsive cross platform service/application based on Organic Eprints content, enhanced by various features.

Brainstorming about the final product

Closing the kick-off meeting, all participants seemed satisfied and pleased with the outcomes of the meeting and we are all looking forward to the next meeting in Denmark! 🙂

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