First Issue of the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) Newsletter


GFSP_logoThose registered in the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) mailing list must have received the first issue of the GFSP digital newsletter; a publication intended to be published quarterly, highlighting news and events related to the Partnership and its members.

The newsletter is nicely divided in four sections, namely Features, Voices, News and Updates (both from GFSP Secretariat and our partners) and Events.

In this first issue, the major news items are:

The newsletter also features two interviews with researchers working on food safety as well as a detailed list of GFSP-related events.


We were also glad to see that Agro-Know was featured in this first issue of the GFSP newsletter, as one of the Two Leading Technology Companies the Joined the GFSP (PDF). Even though Agro-Know is something much more than a typical Tech Company and its contributions in GFSP are rather far away from that, we received this as an acknowledgement of our work in GFSP so far.

The role of Agro-Know in GFSP

Agro-Know is an active contributor of GFSP and throughout its participation has already worked on the following (this is only an indicative list):

Even though you can directly access the 1st issue of the GFSP newsletter here, we believe that it would be better if you registered for the newsletter (as well as the mails circulated through the GFSP mailing list) by submitting your contact details in this short form.

About GFSP

The Global Food Safety Partnership is a unique public-private initiative dedicated to improving the safety of food in middle-income and developing countries. It brings together fishers and farmers, business and industry, governments, regulatory bodies, international development organizations, and civil society to drive a globally-coordinated and locally-driven food safety approach.

GFSP combines food safety training and technical support so developing countries can improve their food safety systems and benefit from better compliance with food safety standards. Tailored to the specific needs of individual countries and segmented to reach all the way up, down and across the food value chain, the Partnership benefits small farmers, food processors, retailers, supervisory and regulatory agencies, and policy-makers, among others.

GFSP is a partnership that includes the range of interested public agencies and private sector companies. By creating a forum for open and frank dialogue we uncover and address constraints to improved food safety. GFSP builds consensus on the business value and public benefit of increased alignment on international food safety standards.

How to get involved in GFSP:

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