The Hague Declaration on Knowledge Discovery in the Digital Age


The_Hague_Declaration_logoA new, interesting initiative was caught in our radar some days ago: The Hague Declaration. According to its founders, “The Hague Declaration aims to foster agreement about how to best enable access to facts, data and ideas for knowledge discovery in the Digital Age“. The ultimate aim of the Declaration is to remove barriers to accessing and analysing the wealth of data already produced by society.


It all started back in December 2014 (more specifically between 9-10 of December 2014), when LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries, took the initiative to bring together 25 global experts in The Hague, The Netherlands, in order for them to collaboratively work on the first draft of the Hague Declaration. The document itself aims to help shape ethical research practice, legislative reform and the development of open access policies and infrastructure – or simply put, to foster agreement about how to best enable access to facts, data and ideas for knowledge discovery. In the following months, there have been a lot of discussions, consultations, drafting and re-drafting before the document reached its final form.


Agro-Know and the Hague Declaration

Agro-Know has been working on opening up and sharing the agri-food research knowledge for the last years so we were instantly caught up by this statement. A number of EU research projects in which Agro-Know was actively involved in any way (including VOA3R, Organic.Lingua, agINFRA and SemaGrow, to name a few) aimed at enhancing access to agri-food research & educational outcomes by providing the methodological and technical solutions needed in order to ensure the open access to the agri-food research knowledge. In addition, the new projects that Agro-Know participates in (including Big Data Europe, FREME and OpenMinTed) are also working in the same context but from a different perspective.

At the same time, our new product (Agro-Know Stem) aims to provide support regarding the implementation of Open Access Policies and help with Open Research Data Management Plans – at this point to those involved in the management of Horizon 2020 projects or the submission of related proposals but soon to be expanded to other cases as well.

In this context, it felt natural for us in Agro-Know to be among the founding signatories of the Hague Declaration and be among the ones that will closely follow any related updates and potentially contribute to its objectives.

Launch of the Hague Declaration

The Hague Declaration will be officially launched on the 6th of May 2015 in Brussels, Belgium – so stay tuned! In the meantime, you still have time to become one of the initial signatories of the Declaration; just send an email to, indicating the reasons why – we at Agro-Know just did and we feel great to have joined this initiative!

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